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Debian Project Leader Election 2002: Debate

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Hi folks,

	In the past, we have conducted DPL debates on a special IRC
 channel set up for the purpose. I was wondering if we can set up one
 this year as well.  The time to do so would be after the rebuttals
 have been posted by the candidates, and the campaigns have been well
 established, and people have had time to think up questions. I would
 say that the debate should be held somewhere in between March
 15-20th, as convenient to the moderator and the candidates

	Rob Levin (lilo) has moderated some the debates in the	past,
 and has graciously agreed to run this one as well. 

	In order for this to work, we need to have a set of questions
 to be asked to all the candidates.  I would like to have the input of
 developers in determining this list of questions.

	I propose that we have a list of panelists, each of whom
 solicit questions from the community (perhaps soliciting on
 debian-devel), and based on these, select a short list to present to
 the moderator. (The number of questions on the short list would
 depend on the number of volunteer panelists that we get, of course).

	The desired criteria for a panelists would be something like
 a) The panelists has to be a Debian developer
 b) The panelist must be conversant with the underpinning of the
    Debian infreastructure (so a couiple of years of experience in the
    project is definitely a plus)
 c) Active in the project and the mailing lists
 d) Not a current candidate ;-)

	Ex DPL's, people involved in the infrastructure and sub
 projects (ftp, admin, debina jr, QA, b-d, tech ctte, NM, debian-www,
 ports, etc, would be ideal candidates).  I implore people to
 volunteer in selecting questions for the debate.

	If you want to be a panelist, please email me, and I thank you
 in advance. 

 please note that the panelists do not need to be rpesent on the IRC
 on debate day, they need merely submit their selected questions to
 the moderator
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