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WARNING: Jack Howarth is an agent of destruction

Warning, package maintainers!

Some guy named Jack Howarth is trying to destroy the progress that has
been made in getting SDL to work on all of Debian architectures -- not
just i386 -- over the past 2 months!  Perhaps he is an agent for Red

If you maintain a package that has anything to do with SDL, *ignore any
bugs filed by him telling you how to change how it links*.  He either
does not understand the following:


or he is actively trying to subvert Debian's SDL support before all of
these packages go into deep freeze next month.

In prepping patches and NMU's for the SDL packages to take advantage of
the new xlibs-pic package, I am finding, scattered like bread crumbs,
insidious bug reports filed by this person that are an effort --
deliberate or not -- to undermine the consensus that was reached in

So let this be a word of warning.  Hopefully Mr. Fuchs^WHowarth will
explain himself, or escape to England where they have less harsh
penalties for treason.

Hopefully everyone is having a happy holiday season despite the
activities of saboteurs.

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