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libsdl1.2 packages


In order to get the new libsdl1.2debian packages into woody, the following
packages will disappear from woody in the next few days:

	* black-box (out of date on most architectures, buggy)
	* mangoquest (buggy)
	* ohphone (not rebuilt with libsdl1.2debian)
	* pysol-sound-server (out of date on most architectures, buggy)
	* tuxracer (out of date on arm, ia64, mips, mipsel, sparc; buggy)
	* junior-games-gl (depends on tuxracer)
	* vlc - vlc-sdl (out of date on mips, m68k, ia64, buggy)
	* xmms-goom (out of date on most architectures, buggy)

This'll still leave a number of packages in woody broken due to the libsdl
change (probably including  3dwm-server, abuse-sdl, chromium, exult,
freesci, gtktiemu, libpolhem, libpolhem-dev, pygame, and smpeg-xmms).


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