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Graphing Debian Lists

Dear Developers!

I have taken the opportunity to create some nice (or not?) graphics of
the mailing lists that Debian serves on lists.debian.org.  I have
analysed both the posting frequency and the total list of subscribers.

Gathering data happens all 30 minutes and I've let it run for a couple
of days before making this annoncement, so there are some data to

The index page with a graph for each and every list is found at
<http://murphy.debian.org/lists/>.  Please be warned, the file is 36kB
large and has about 160 embedded pictures.

Details for every list are found at this URL which should load faster:
<http://murphy.debian.org/lists/$list>.  There will be yearly graphs

This draws a nice picture of how our lists are used and how people
subscribe.  There are quite some lists that seem to have about the
same number of subscribers all the time, while there are others which
grow steadily (debian-announce for example).



Life is too short to run proprietary software.  -- Bdale Garbee

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