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Netwinder debussy.debian.org upgraded


I'm happy to announce that the Netwinder debussy.debian.org is upgraded
and again available for every Debian developer. The upgrade took
longer than expected, but it's finally done.

The upgrade includes more memory (128MB) and a larger harddisk
(20GB). The CPU-type is a StrongARM-110 rev 3 (v4l).
The setup is similar to vore wrt the chroots. Here is the motd:

This machine has two chroots available; stable and unstable. To access
them, use the `dchroot' program with the name of the chroot as the only
arg. Home directories are shared across the chroots via bindfs. You can
use the file /etc/debian_chroot_$dist to tell which chroot you are in.
Apt deb-src lines are available in both the chroots. 

If you need something or have problems, please contact
debian-admin@lists.debian.org about it.

Othmar Pasteka

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