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New french speaking list for the development of Debian


as you may have noticed, a new french speaking list has been created to
host discussions about the development of Debian. Its name is

I invite all french speaking developers to join the list. Non developers
are welcomed too (like debian-devel), they can contribute to the development
of Debian within their possibilities. Wannabe developers can find some
help in french (much like debian-mentors for english speaking people).

Some discussions may be held in parallel of debian-devel, other interesting
discussions may happen on debian-devel-french only. In any case, when
something is of interest for a wider audience, an english summary might
be posted to debian-devel (crossposting is not possible since 2 different
languages are used).

You can subscribe to the list using the web form :

Or you can use the mail bot, just send a mail to
debian-devel-french-request@lists.debian.org with "subscribe" as subject.

See you soon on debian-devel-french !
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