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Release-critical Bugreport for August 17, 2001

Bug stamp-out list for Aug 17 05:00 (CST)

Total number of release-critical bugs: 460
Number that will disappear after removing packages marked [REMOVE]: 0


Package: abiword (debian/main)
Maintainer: Darren Benham <gecko@debian.org>
  108986 abiword_0.9.0-0.1(unstable): fails to build from source

Package: abuse-sdl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Arto Jantunen <viiru@debian.org>
  100920 bus error on Sparc

Package: ace (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ossama Othman <ossama@debian.org>
  101170 ace_5.1.8-5(unstable): missing build depends
  85230  ace: failed to build from source

Package: ale-clone (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Anthony Towns <ajt@debian.org>
  101414 ale-clone_1.15pre16.3-1(unstable): needs to include time.h

Package: alsa-headers-0.5 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  108759 alsa-headers-0.5 conflict with libc6-dev

Package: alsa-lib (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  97988  can't build on arm

Package: alsa-lib-0.5 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  101285 alsa-lib-0.5_0.5.10-2(unstable): needs to run libtoolize

Package: alsa-source (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  104163 alsa-source wrong and broken dependency information

Package: alsaconf-0.4 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  89844  alsaconf-0.4: uninstallable

Package: anacron (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@debian.org>
  97969  refuses to stop

Package: ant (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Stefan Gybas <sgybas@debian.org>
  108584 ant is the name of another file

Package: apache (debian/main)
Maintainer: Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>
  102170 apache can not build with libgdbmg1-dev installed
  72468  apache: log file permissions are insecure
  98220  apache: Admin's environment exposed

Package: apache-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  101841 apache-perl uninstallable
  93462  apache-perl: testing needs update to Perl 5.6
  93602  apache-perl: Uninstallable in unstable
  97105  apache-perl: build dependency on a package in non-US
  98555  policy violation causes apache-perl to be just plain broken with perl 5.6.1

Package: apache-ssl (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Christoph Martin <christoph.martin@uni-mainz.de>
  104082 apache-ssl: Package not buildable from source

Package: apt (debian/main)
Maintainer: APT Development Team <deity@lists.debian.org>
  97364  apt-cdrom: should support latest debian-cd features

Package: atari800 (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>
  104829 atari800_0.9.9f-2(unstable): missing zlib1g-dev and sharutils build-deps

Package: auto-pgp (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org>
  108339 auto-pgp violates policy 2.1.3, wrt non-us

Package: autoconf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@msu.edu>
  108421 autoconf: wrapper script fails to detect 2.50 required by aclocal.m4

Package: autofs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
  98381  autofs: Local DoS attack

Package: autogen (debian/main)
Maintainer: James R. Van Zandt <jrv@debian.org>
  105095 Build failure on ia64 (at least)

Package: autolog (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org>
  103841 duplicate build-depends lines break autobuilding
  105083 Build failure on ia64 (at least)

Package: avr-libc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hakan Ardo <hakan@debian.org>
  107089 failed autobuild of avr-libc_20010708-1 (m68k): permission denied  on writing memccpy.o

Package: ax25-tools (debian/main)
Maintainer: Patrick Ouellette <pouelle@debian.org>
  101419 ax25-tools_0.0.8-1(unstable): outdated build-depends

Package: axkit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo@debian.org>
  100314 not working with current apache versions
  103717 AxKit is very unstable.

Package: balsa (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jules Bean <jules@debian.org>
  105676 Can not start Balsa

Package: barracuda (debian/main)
Maintainer: Arpad Magosanyi <mag@bunuel.tii.matav.hu>
  100001 barracuda: Depends on postgresql: should move to non-US

Package: bbkeys (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@debian.org>
  101420 bbkeys_0.3.6-1(unstable): missing xlibs-dev build-depends

Package: bbmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brent A. Fulgham <bfulgham@debian.org>
  101422 bbmail_0.6.11-1(unstable): missing xlibs-dev build-dep
  108782 /etc/bbtools/bbmail.bb deleted

Package: bibletime (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Glassey <danglassey@yahoo.com>
  84241  bibletime recommends unavailable packages

Package: bsmtpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Roland Rosenfeld <roland@debian.org>
  97698  bsmtpd stopped working after upgrade last friday

Package: camlp4 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fernando Sanchez <fer@debian.org>
  108003 camlp4_3.02-1 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: cdrecord (debian/main)
Maintainer: Erik Andersen <andersee@debian.org>
  106231 postinst call MAKEDEV without permission of the user
  98953  cdrecord spews errors, makes frisbees & coasters

Package: centericq (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wouter de Vries <sax@debian.org>
  97987  centericq: missing build dependency on libncurses5-dev

Package: cfengine (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@debian.org>
  108990 cfengine_1.6.3-4(unstable): tries to build docs when binary-arch called

Package: cgiwrap (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jim Lynch <jwl@debian.org>
  106299 [nneul@umr.edu: Re: [cgiwrap-users] Re: Security hole in CGIWrap (cross-site scripting vulnerability)]

Package: cint (debian/main)
Maintainer: Richard Kreckel <kreckel@ginac.de>
  106408 failed autobuild of cint_5.15.02-1 (m68k): symlink libcint.so.5 not  removed by make clean, kills rebuild
  96234  failed autobuild of cint_5.14.85-1 (m68k): segfaulting cint -I.  iosenum.cxx loops forever, filling the disk with the log
  97691  failed autobuild of cint_5.14.86-1 (m68k): cint -I. iosenum.cxx  error repeats forever, log fills disk

Package: cle (debian/main)
Maintainer: Greg Stark <gsstark@mit.edu>
  100179 cle_0.4-1(unstable): fails to build from source

Package: clig (debian/main)
Maintainer: James R. Van Zandt <jrv@debian.org>
  107983 'clig' broken

Package: courier (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke@linuxia.de>
  104263 Won't build with g++ 3.0

Package: cpbk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andrew D. Lenharth <andrewl@debian.org>
  102695 cpbk_4.1.0-2(unstable): debian/files in source package

Package: cracklib2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jean Pierre LeJacq <jplejacq@quoininc.com>
  97855  autobuild fails on arm

Package: crimson (debian/main)
Maintainer: Uwe Hermann <uh1763@hermann-uwe.de>
  108371 crimson: Build failure with gcc3.0

Package: csound (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger <geiger@debian.org>
  103728 csound copyright file outdated
  103729 csound has at least 1 file in /usr/doc

Package: cucipop (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>
  107147 Login not authenticating

Package: cxterm (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Anthony Wong <ypwong@debian.org>
  94631  can't build on arm

Package: cyrus-imapd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael-John Turner <mj@debian.org>
  100805 cyrus-imapd_1.5.19-8(unstable): missing build depends
  104371 cyrus-imapd_1.5.19-8.1(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: dante-client (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  100375 dante-client-1.1.10 is broken

Package: dhelp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marco Budde <budde@debian.org>
  107232 Documentation in /usr/doc

Package: diald (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jeff Licquia <licquia@debian.org>
  76449  diald-0.99.4-2 fails post-install

Package: diploma (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andreas Franzen <anfra@debian.org>
  108524 All makefiles supplied fail

Package: directfb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fredrik Hallenberg <hallon@debian.org>
  106767 directfb_0.9.4-1(unstable): FTBFS; uses i386-ism SIGUNUSED

Package: dnrd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Thomas Schoepf <schoepf@debian.org>
  80888  Multiple buffer overflows in dnrd

Package: doc-central (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
  108815 doc-central's CGI doesn't work

Package: doc-rfc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Kai Henningsen <kai@debian.org>
  104002 Symlink pointing to inexisting file
  92810  doc-rfc: license is not DFSG-free

Package: dstooltk (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
  96034  dstooltk_2.0-3.2(unstable): error in build dependencies

Package: dvipdfm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian Mays <brian@debian.org>
  92752  failed build of dvipdfm_0.13.2b-4 (m68k): build-depends on tetex-dev  should be replaced by libkpathsea-dev

Package: elastic (debian/main)
Maintainer: Federico Di Gregorio <fog@debian.org>
  68770  elastic_0.0.15-1(unstable): build error (sdf2txt)
  90219  elastic: missing build-deps
  90533  can't build from source
  90541  elastic_0.0.15-1.1(unstable): missing build dependency

Package: elm-me+ (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
  106555 elm doesn't follow mail locking policy

Package: elvis (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org>
  92305  elvis; Fails to build from source

Package: emacs20-dl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  66616  emacs20-dl: Still does not build on powerpc

Package: eruby (debian/main)
Maintainer: Shugo Maeda <shugo@debian.org>
  100196 can't build on arm

Package: f2c (debian/main)
Maintainer: Alan Bain <afrb2@cam.ac.uk>
  104613 Build failure on hppa (at least)

Package: festival (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Huggins-Daines <dhd@debian.org>
  96714  purge does not remove from sgml catalog

Package: fetchmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org>
  106447 fetchmail: mails now come with bogus CRLF line endings
  98388  LMTP support forgets to strip trailing slash from host spec...

Package: fileutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org>
  108145 fileutils doesn't build from source

Package: filter (debian/main)
Maintainer: Philip Brown <pbrown@debian.org>
  108320 filter: Build has interactive components, fails autobuild

Package: fltk (debian/main)
Maintainer: An Thi-Nguyen Le <anle@debian.org>
  108863 fltk: Build failure on hppa.

Package: freewrl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  108813 freewrl_0.28.2-1(unstable): missing build-depends
  108829 failed autobuild of freewrl_0.28.2-1 (m68k): missing GL headers

Package: ftape-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de>
  64055  ftape-doc uses /usr/doc instead of /usr/share/doc

Package: ftape-util (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de>
  64056  ftape-util uses /usr/doc instead of /usr/share/doc

Package: ftp.debian.org (pseudo)
Maintainer: James Troup and others <ftpmaster@debian.org>
  103300 Alpha timestamps broken
  107952 ftp.d.o: swig-doc has no source package
  98614  [TESTING] removal of obsolete gcc packages

Package: fvwm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Alexander Kotelnikov <sacha@debian.org>
  108858 fvwm: gratuitous destruction of previous defaults

Package: fvwm95 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Martin <fizbin@debian.org>
  92668  build-depends on obsolete package

Package: gamix (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  107467 failed autobuild of gamix_1.99.p5-1 (m68k): sndctl API error in  mixer.c

Package: gcc-m68k-linux (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org>
  91476  Package gcc-m68k-linux still has at least one file in /usr/doc
  98090  gcc-m68k-linux: package is no longer installable

Package: gcl (debian/main)
Maintainer: JP Sugarbroad <taral@taral.net>
  108907 gcl: missing build-depends on automake
  108908 gcl: no Depends line
  108909 gcl: fails to build from source

Package: gdb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  107807 gdb fails to build on m68k
  86882  fails to build on sparc

Package: gem (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger <geiger@debian.org>
  108247 gem: Build failure on hppa

Package: gide (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christian Leutloff <leutloff@debian.org>
  104387 gide_0.1.6-0.3(unstable): missing build-depends
  104436 gide: failed to build on m68k

Package: glaxium (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Burrows <dburrows@debian.org>
  108590 Glaxium segfaults after pressing Y in start screen.

Package: gliese (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a  <jfs@computer.org>
  108447 Copyright issues with starplot data files (fix included)

Package: glimpse (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Marco Budde <Budde@tu-harburg.de>
  60852  glimpse: full of temp races
  91167  man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man

Package: gltron (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  94353  segfaulting again

Package: gmc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Bramer & Martin Bialasinski <mc-debian@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de>
  103102 Desktop icons wrong and non-functional after upgrade
  108375 GnomeUI-ERROR **: file gnome-icon-item.c: line 304 (get_default_font): assertion failed: (default_font != NULL)

Package: gnet (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Helder <dhelder@umich.edu>
  105909 gnet_1.0.3-2.1(unstable): fails to build from source under fakeroot

Package: gnome-games (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  106797 failed autobuild of gnome-games_1.4.0.3-2 (m68k): ./ltconfig not  found

Package: gnome-objc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Chris Waters <xtifr@debian.org>
  104129 gnome-objc: config.guess out of date, missing build-depends

Package: gnome-ruby (debian/main)
Maintainer: akira yamada <akira@debian.org>
  107719 gnome-ruby_0.25-1.1 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: gnome-utils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jochen Voss <voss@debian.org>
  105990 gdialog is broken in textmode - returns wrong codes

Package: gnucash (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
  108916 gnucash_1.6.1-3(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: gnuplot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
  100541 gnuplot_3.7.1p1-6(unstable): breaks with recent debhelper
  100612 gnuplot: licence violation

Package: gnustep-make (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian GNUstep maintainers <GNUstep-maint@debian.org>
  87968  gnustep-objc: build from source fails on alpha

Package: gpm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Zephaniah E. Hull <warp@debian.org>
  102031 Format string bugs in gpm-root may offer local root exploit

Package: grafix (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <debian-qa@lists.debian.org>
  108080 Bad build-dependency on gcc 2.95

Package: grmonitor (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org>
  106436 grmonitor_0.81-2(unstable): missing build-depends or spurious #include

Package: groundhog (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen M Moraco <stephen@debian.org>
  107925 groundhog doesn't even run because GTK+ dislikes the setgid

Package: gs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  107437 doxygen won't build on hppa

Package: gtk-engines-xenophilia (debian/main)
Maintainer: Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>
  108859 gtk-engines-xenophilia: missing xutils depends

Package: gtk-gnutella (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthias Kabel <mkabel@debian.org>
  105406 gtk-gnutella: fails to autobuild on m68k
  105428 gtk-gnutella_0.13.3-4(unstable): missing build-depends on libgtk1.2-dev

Package: gtksql (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org>
  97113  gtksql: build dependency on a package in non-US

Package: gwydion-dylan (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brent A. Fulgham <bfulgham@debian.org>
  101436 gwydion-dylan_2.3.5final-1(unstable): aclocal needs to be run

Package: heartbeat (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paolo Molaro <lupus@debian.org>
  63259  IP addresses not released on failback
  80821  heartbeat: Package cannot complete installation

Package: hermes1 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Vaidhyanathan G Mayilrangam <vaidhy@debian.org>
  96586  hermes1: missing build dependency on libtool
  98849  hermes1_1.3.2-2 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: heyu (debian/main)
Maintainer: Troy Hanson <troy@debian.org>
  104825 Build failure on hppa (at least)
  92527  heyu: build process doesn't seem to work correctly

Package: hitop (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andrew Stribblehill <ads@debian.org>
  97114  hitop: build dependency on a package in non-US

Package: horde (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  100320 Improper use of debconf
  108602 Unable to upgrade horde
  98241  horde: installation fails with apache-ssl

Package: hunt (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  85593  Hunt dies with Bus Error - SPARC

Package: hwtools (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christoph Lameter <christoph@lameter.com>
  101687 hwtools: can't build from source; non-pristine source contains binaries

Package: hylafax (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pavel Tcholakov <pavel@debian.org>
  104783 Build failure on hppa (at least)
  105600 failed autobuild of hylafax_1:4.1-1 (m68k): chown new files list  file failed
  90743  failed autobuild of hylafax_4.1beta3-1 (m68k): dpkg-gencontrol  failure

Package: icewm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jerome Marant <jerome@debian.org>
  108923 icewm_1.0.8.6-1(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: imagemagick (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ryuichi Arafune <arafune@debian.org>
  107294 imagemagick: convert segfaults converting PNG -> XPM

Package: imp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  108920 script file missing

Package: imwheel (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tom Lees <tom@debian.org>
  104307 imwheel installs to /usr/local on sparc

Package: infinity (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anand Kumria <wildfire@progsoc.org>
  107521 failed autpbuild of infinity_0.2-1.1 (m68k): undefined autoconf  macros (plenty)

Package: insight (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eray Ozkural (exa) <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr>
  102633 insight_5.0-4(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: int-fiction (debian/main)
Maintainer: Charles Briscoe-Smith <cpbs@debian.org>
  91182  man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man

Package: ipmasq (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian Bassett <brianb@debian.org>
  87175  ipmasq: taking ipmasq down breaks the local network

Package: ipopd-ssl (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
  108445 Ipopd-ssl fails to read maildir folders

Package: ircii-pana (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  96978  ircii-pana: Can't fulfill the build dependencies

Package: ispell (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Coe <davidc@debian.org>
  107234 Documentation in /usr/doc

Package: ivtools (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger <geiger@debian.org>
  94609  fails to build on alpha

Package: jikes (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@debian.org>
  96989  jikes: auto encoding problem

Package: jumpnbump (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivo Timmermans <ivo@debian.org>
  106695 immediate segfault on Alpha

Package: kaffe (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ean R. Schuessler <ean@novare.net>
  108930 kaffe_1:1.0.6-3(unstable): missing build-depends and config.cache in the source

Package: kdevelop (debian/main)
Maintainer: Norman Jordan <njordan@debian.org>
  108912 kdevelop_3:2.0-final-1.1(unstable): fails to build on alpha, mips{,el}

Package: kerberos4kth (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Greg Stark <gsstark@mit.edu>
  79288  bugtraq posting on kerberos4kth--environment variables and buffer overflow
  89808  kerberos4kth is not installable

Package: kerberos4kth-dev (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Gregory Stark <gsstark@mit.edu>
  92887  /usr/share/man/man3/editline.3.gz conflict with libeditline-dev

Package: kerberos4kth-services (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Gregory Stark <gsstark@mit.edu>
  108533 New version of upstream with security patches.

Package: kernel-image-2.2.19-chrp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  98591  boot-floppies requires CONFIG_FILTER=y

Package: kernel-image-2.2.19-prep (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  98592  boot-floppies requires CONFIG_FILTER=y

Package: kernel-image-sparc-2.2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  98755  NFS mount induces kernel panic on Debian/Sparc (on both stable and unstable)

Package: keynote (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Waitz <tali@debian.org>
  108644 keynote: depends on libssl

Package: knapster2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian Russo <wolfie@debian.org>
  103928 should not depend on kde-designer

Package: lapack (debian/main)
Maintainer: James A. Treacy <treacy@debian.org>
  108758 fails to autobuild on m68k
  99479  Illegal instruction

Package: ld.so (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Engel <david@debian.org>
  97071  ld.so: upgrades will leave essential package

Package: ldso (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Engel <david@debian.org>
  102055 ld.so build-deps can't be met on m68k

Package: lftp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org>
  95669  needs config.sub/guess update, gcc-3.0 fixes

Package: lib-gnu.getopt-java (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@debian.org>
  91556  Package lib-gnu.getopt-java still has at least one file in /usr/doc

Package: lib3ds (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org>
  108996 lib3ds_1.0.0-2(unstable): missing build-depends/execute bit?

Package: libao0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher L Cheney <ccheney@debian.org>
  108629 libao0: should be removed before woody release or conflict with libao2

Package: libapache-mod-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  92134  mod_perl has broken @INC and/or perl depends

Package: libasound1-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  101702 libasound1-dev: does not build from source (problems on arm arch)
  95304  snd_switch_list_item_t undefined.

Package: libax25 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Craig Small <csmall@debian.org>
  104104 failed autobuild of libax25_0.0.7-2.1 (m68k): '$ln' not found,  incomplete make variable substitution?

Package: libc6 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  100336 zsh: doesn't work correctly on hppa

Package: libcdk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  104437 libcdk: build failed on m68k

Package: libcdk-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  100800 libcdk-perl_4.9.7-1(unstable): libcdk-dev is missing dependency

Package: libcdk-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  89292  libcdk-perl: build failure on sparc

Package: libchart-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  100446 gif format is not supported by libgd-perl

Package: libdb2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  106082 libdb2 incompatible with sendmail 8.9.3
  106663 libdb2: libdb2 incompatible with perl5.005
  107640 libdb2 from woody is not compatible with perl 5.005 from potato

Package: libelastic0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Federico Di Gregorio <fog@debian.org>
  104501 Uninstallable due to dependency on libltdl0

Package: libgc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@debian.org>
  89211  libgc: failure in the test_cpp program on sparc

Package: libgc5 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@debian.org>
  96661  libgc: Build failure on PARISC

Package: libggi2-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Albert <MartinAlbert@gmx.net>
  102675 libggi2-dev: should provide static archives

Package: libggidemos (debian/main)
Maintainer: Charles Briscoe-Smith <cpbs@debian.org>
  91195  man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man
  97541  libggidemos_990518-1 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: libgnome-gnorba-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paolo Molaro <lupus@debian.org>
  105210 libgnome-gnorba-perl_0.0.2-2(unstable): missing xlibs-dev build-dep

Package: libgocr (debian/main)
Maintainer: Cosimo Alfarano <kalfa@debian.org>
  107469 failed autobuild of libgocr_0.7.1-3 (m68k): doc/api.ps missing

Package: libgpmg1 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Zephaniah E. Hull <warp@debian.org>
  85551  [powerpc] jed segfaults when using gpm library

Package: libgql0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andreas Rottmann <rottmann@users.sourceforge.net>
  98114  libgql0: depends on removed package libltdl0

Package: libgtk-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paolo Molaro <lupus@debian.org>
  106772 libgtk-perl_0.7008-1(unstable): fails to build from source

Package: libgtkglarea-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paolo Molaro <lupus@debian.org>
  99177  libgtkglarea-perl can't find module OpenGL.pm

Package: libhdf4g-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org>
  108921 libhdf4g-dev: use of "linux" rather than "__linux__" breaks other packages

Package: libhoard (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  84934  failed to build from source
  90241  autobuild of libhoard_2.0.2-1.2 on m68k triggers internal compiler  error

Package: libhtml-parser-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org>
  97570  libhtml-parser-perl Depends: perl-5.6

Package: libnewt-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  105553 hangs while reading changelogs

Package: libnids (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert van der Meulen <rvdm@cistron.nl>
  108941 libnids_1.16-1(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: libpam-heimdal (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Brian May <bam@debian.org>
  102963 conflicting types for `krb5_mcc_ops'

Package: libpam-ldap (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sami Haahtinen <ressu@debian.org>
  107707 makes su and others segfault

Package: libpam-mysql (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org>
  77537  security problem found

Package: libpaperg (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de>
  95030  libpaper doesn't honor old configuration

Package: libpcre3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mark Baker <mbaker@iee.org>
  108597 Recompile needed?

Package: libpt-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@debian.org>
  108168 Debug builds don't work

Package: libsafe (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ron Rademaker <ron@wep.tudelft.nl>
  77949  libc6-i686: Programs die with "write across stack boundary." error.
  92336  libsafe examples work for me

Package: libsdl1.0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fredrik Hallenberg <hallon@debian.org>
  105908 libsdl1.0_1.0.8-6.1(unstable): missing build-depends on libtool

Package: libshadow-ruby (debian/main)
Maintainer: akira yamada <akira@debian.org>
  107718 libshadow-ruby_1.4.1-2 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: libsnmp-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Engel <david@debian.org>
  107130 libsnmp-perl: perl scripts fail to interpret MIB files

Package: libtabe (debian/main)
Maintainer: Roger So <rogerso@debian.org>
  108833 libtabe_0.1.9-4(unstable): FTBFS - LD_LIBRARY_PATH abuse breaks fakeroot

Package: libtool (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ossama Othman <ossama@debian.org>
  108847 lesstif1-1: Build failure on hppa
  66135  libtool_1.3.5-1(unstable): wrapping of binaries fails with -D__LIBTOOL_IS_A_FOOL__

Package: libungif3g (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
  88468  missing shlibs entry for libgif.so.3
  90594  libungif 3.0-2.4 won't build from source: ltconfig error

Package: libwww-search-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org>
  88039  libwww-search-perl: Current version seriously out of date.

Package: libwxgtk2.2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ron Lee <ron@debian.org>
  101734 libwxgtk2.2 does not build from sources

Package: libxml-libxml-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo@debian.org>
  105124 Build failure on ia64 (at least)

Package: linuxlogo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve Kostecke <steve@debian.org>
  104634 Build failure on hppa (at least)

Package: lopster (debian/main)
Maintainer: Colin Mattson <colol@ionet.net>
  105783 lopster_0.9.9-1.1(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: lukemftpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  105161 Build failure on ia64 (at least)

Package: lvs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Federico Di Gregorio <fog@debian.org>
  102791 lvs is not installable in unstable
  71791  kernel debian packages should not be in Depends:

Package: lynx (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christian Hudon <chrish@debian.org>
  40482  lynx: Configuration file `/etc/lynx.cfg' will allways be changed

Package: lynx-ssl (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Christoph Martin <christoph.martin@uni-mainz.de>
  67836  If postinst modifies lynx-ssl.cfg, it should NOT be a conffile!

Package: lyx-cjk (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Ryuichi Arafune <arafune@debian.org>
  62770  assertion failed on startup

Package: macgate (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Huggins-Daines <dhd@debian.org>
  82107  macgate: Way out of date, doesn't seem to work at all

Package: magpie (debian/main)
Maintainer: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <jfs@computer.org>
  95059  magpie_0.5-3 build failure on m68k

Package: mailsync (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Tomas Pospisek <tpo_deb@sourcepole.ch>
  104253 mailsync: mailsync does not work at all

Package: man2html (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org>
  104474 mansearch: Result href URL drops hostnames
  97559  man2html: please update package in unstable

Package: mdutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pekka Aleksi Knuutila <pa@debian.org>
  98434  mdutils: build dependency on kernel-headers-2.0.36 that is no longer in unstable

Package: menu (debian/main)
Maintainer: joost witteveen <joostje@debian.org>
  103059 can't install

Package: mesag-widgets-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: James A. Treacy <treacy@debian.org>
  97021  mesag-widgets-dev uninstallable

Package: mew (debian/main)
Maintainer: NOSHIRO Shigeo <noshiro@debian.org>
  106638 mew; mew-summary-retrieve doesn't retrieve

Package: mico-2.3.5 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Crowley <crow@debian.org>
  87039  mico-2.3.3: has non policy compliant build
  89599  build fails due to qt-dir

Package: mirrordir (debian/main)
Maintainer: James R. Van Zandt <jrv@debian.org>
  107087 failed autobuild of mirrordir_0.10.49-5 (m68k): libtool error, please  rebuild source package with new libtool version

Package: mixviews (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger <geiger@debian.org>
  108085 Bad build-dependency on gcc 2.95

Package: mldvi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sven LUTHER <luther@debian.org>
  108849 mldvi_1.0-5(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: modutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
  106933 modutils: Creating arch-specific aliases for PowerPC
  108934 modutils_2.4.7-1(unstable): fails to build from source on sparc

Package: most (debian/main)
Maintainer: Benjamin Hill (Mako) <mako@debian.org>
  108218 most: signal 11 when viewing textfile

Package: mozilla (debian/main)
Maintainer: Frank Belew (Myth) <frb@debian.org>
  101931 failed build of mozilla_2:0.9.1-4 (m68k): invoke_copy_to_stack  undefined
  108456 mozilla tries to install plugins into /usr/lib/mozilla-0.9.3/plugins/...
  108944 build-deps on virtual package without preference

Package: muffin (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Bradley Marshall <bmarshal@pisoftware.com>
  42711  muffin: No man page

Package: mule2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  99200  can't build on arm

Package: mutt-ja (debian/main)
Maintainer: Kikutani Makoto <kikutani@debian.org>
  77169  mutt-ja: Cannot install bug

Package: mysql (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christian Hammers <ch@debian.org>
  101087 failed autobuild of mysql_3.23.39-1 (m68k): error in db_int.h header
  88186  mysql: Fails to build on ARM: char sign issue?

Package: ncurses-hexedit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam F. Rogoyski <rogoyski@debian.org>
  104567 ncurses-hexedit fails to install

Package: ncurses3.0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>
  91611  Package ncurses3.0 still has at least one file in /usr/doc

Package: ncurses3.4 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>
  91598  Package ncurses3.4 still has at least one file in /usr/doc

Package: newsclipper (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
  101322 Missing dependency on Log::Agent::Rotate

Package: nmh (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ruud de Rooij <ruud@debian.org>
  106685 all nmh applications segfaulting

Package: nn (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org>
  105759 nn: can't see some articles

Package: nte (debian/main)
Maintainer: Alex Romosan <romosan@caliban.lbl.gov>
  104042 nte_1.5.32-2.1(unstable): fails to build from source due to -Werror

Package: oaklisp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Barak Pearlmutter <bap@cs.unm.edu>
  94873  fails to bulid from source on alpha

Package: ocaml-findlib (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>
  96254  xstr_0.2-1 build failure on m68k

Package: octave-plplot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@icp.inpg.fr>
  86880  build failure on sparc, bad c++ command line options

Package: oldncurses (debian/main)
Maintainer: Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>
  90637  oldncurses: libc5 is now i386 only

Package: omniorb (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Thierry Bourrillon <tbourrillon@debian.org>
  100849 omniorb_1:3.0.3-1(unstable): fails to build from source

Package: onshore-timesheet (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org>
  67196  onshore-timesheet: Can't install!

Package: onshore-timesheet-el (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org>
  91619  Package onshore-timesheet-el still has at least one file in /usr/doc

Package: oo2c32 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@debian.org>
  107432 oo2c32_1.5.4-1 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: open-amulet (debian/main)
Maintainer: James R. Van Zandt <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com>
  84616  failed to build from source

Package: openh323 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@debian.org>
  108642 openh323: depends on libssl

Package: openssh (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org>
  102837 sa_restorer doesn't necessarily exist!
  106020 failed autobuild of openssh_1:2.9p2-1 (powerpc)

Package: oskit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ed Boraas <ed@debian.org>
  98904  Does not build

Package: p3nfs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve Haslam <araqnid@debian.org>
  96805  can't build from source

Package: pan (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  107621 pan_0.9.90-1 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: pcb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hartmut Koptein <koptein@debian.org>
  108870 pcb: Missing build-depend: debhelper
  90603  can't build from source; missing build-depends?
  92442  failed autobuild of pcb_1.7.1-4.1 (m68k): missing tetex-bin  build-depends
  93743  pcb segfault

Package: pcmcia-cs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian Mays <brian@debian.org>
  108823 pcmcia-cs does not build on PowerPC

Package: pcre3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mark Baker <mbaker@iee.org>
  108891 pcre3: Does not build from source

Package: pdl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raul Miller <moth@debian.org>
  104630 Build failure on hppa (at least)
  94002  pdl: will not install, install script returns error 25

Package: pharmacy (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pedro Guerreiro <digito@bigfoot.com>
  96981  pharmacy: Can't fulfill the build dependencies

Package: phpgroupware (debian/main)
Maintainer: Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis <luca@debian.org>
  106217 phpgroupware messes up mysql root password

Package: plplot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@icp.inpg.fr>
  102014 plplot: Bad syntax in Build-Depends: line
  92344  plplot: build-depends on non-existent package

Package: plptools (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Lines <john@paladin.demon.co.uk>
  89415  Depends on old libreadline
  98984  plptools_0.7-1.0.1 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: pop3lite (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gergely Nagy <8@free.bsd.hu>
  103089 pop3lite: eats up memory, and brings system to its knees

Package: pose (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Ben Darnell <bgdarnel@debian.org>
  91911  can't build from source

Package: postfix-tls (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>
  104083 postfix-tls: Doesn't newaliases on upgrade

Package: powertweak (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com>
  88806  powertweak prevents shm use

Package: prc-tools (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  78745  PalmOS SDK license
  90530  fails to build on alpha

Package: procmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Santiago Vila <sanvila@debian.org>
  103196 procmail: INCLUDERC still broken
  103278 Problems delivering to maildirs

Package: proftpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>
  104402 #if in printf

Package: proxy-suite (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@by.net>
  90931  proxy-suite: Uses kernel headers...

Package: psys (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fernando Sanchez <fer@debian.org>
  101435 psys_1.51-2(unstable): needs time.h and sys/time.h

Package: pump (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve Dunham <dunham@debian.org>
  108669 pump: pump fails

Package: pvm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Drake Diedrich <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au>
  100050 pvm_3.4.2-6(unstable): missing build-depends
  84939  failed to build from source

Package: pwlib (debian/main)
Maintainer: Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@debian.org>
  108645 pwlib: depends on ssl

Package: pyao (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher L Cheney <ccheney@debian.org>
  108608 pyao: stop inclusion in woody, broken with ogg vorbis 1.0rc2

Package: pyogg (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher L Cheney <ccheney@debian.org>
  108609 pyogg: stop inclusion in woody, broken with ogg vorbis 1.0rc2

Package: pysol-sound-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Klein <aklein@debian.org>
  104498 Uninstallable due to dependency on libsdl1.1

Package: python-ldap (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
  76717  needs to be updated for openldap2

Package: python-mysqldb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
  103913 python-mysqldb_0.9.0-1(unstable): missing build-depends
  105125 Build failure on ia64 (at least)

Package: python2-base (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
  102949 python2: copyright file and description are wrong - license _is_ GPL-compatible

Package: pyvorbis (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher L Cheney <ccheney@debian.org>
  103914 import fails (vorbismodule.so: undefined symbol: arg_to_int64)
  108610 pyvorbis: stop inclusion in woody, broken with ogg vorbis 1.0rc2

Package: qmail-src (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Jon Marler <jmarler@debian.org>
  104504 qmail-src: the build does not work in woody

Package: qtss (debian/main)
Maintainer: Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>
  89811  QTSS not working

Package: quakeforge (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>
  66961  Incorrect control field prevents building on non-i386

Package: radvd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
  104018 radvd_1:0.6.2-1(unstable): missing flex/bison build-depends

Package: raidtools2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pekka Aleksi Knuutila <pa@debian.org>
  105924 raidtools2: data loss when recovering from multiple "bad" disks

Package: rar (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Petr Cech <cech@debian.org>
  108420 rar: rar won't run

Package: rat (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: David Martínez <david.martinez@rediris.es>
  92613  rat does not compile on unstable/i386

Package: realtimebattle (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fredrik Hallenberg <hallon@debian.org>
  108387 realtimebattle: Segmentation fault

Package: records (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tommi Virtanen <tv@debian.org>
  84789  installation of records fails

Package: rlinetd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert Luberda <robert@debian.org>
  105854 ssh: /usr/bin/ssh does not work properly if not setuid root

Package: roxen (debian/main)
Maintainer: Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>
  81648  roxen on powerpc

Package: rpncalc (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Frey <dfrey@debian.org>
  105596 Won't compile on hppa

Package: rscheme-modules (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ralf Treinen <treinen@debian.org>
  108055 rscheme-modules does not build from source

Package: rtlinux (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andreas Franzen <anfra@debian.org>
  100574 rtlinux: make test for sound is not realtime if loadavrg is high

Package: ruby (debian/main)
Maintainer: akira yamada <akira@debian.org>
  103780 ruby fails sanity tests on ia64
  99748  ruby: fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: sablotron (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fernando Sanchez <fer@debian.org>
  107886 sablotron: libsablot0-dev doesn't depend on libexpat1-dev

Package: samba-common (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eloy A. Paris <peloy@debian.org>
  79271  samba-common: nmbd's spawning until system runs out of resources with 2.2.17

Package: sarien (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net>
  104787 Build failure on hppa (at least)

Package: sash (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raul Miller <moth@debian.org>
  108180 sash_3.4-3.1(unstable): build-depends on libc5 package

Package: sauce (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
  91644  Package sauce still has at least one file in /usr/doc

Package: scm (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  81386  scm: can't build on alpha

Package: scsh (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  93434  failed autobuild of scsh_0.5.2-3 (m68k): error 139 running scshvm

Package: scsitools (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr>
  100961 failed autobuild of scsitools_0.2-2 (m68k): can't find wish though  tk8.2 was installed

Package: scwm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Francesco Tapparo <cesco@debian.org>
  89490  It seems libguile6 is no longer in Debian
  92933  incorrect build-dep
  92934  fails to build on alpha

Package: serpento (debian/main)
Maintainer: Radovan Garabik <garabik@melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk>
  105183 Build failure on ia64 (at least)

Package: smpeg (debian/main)
Maintainer: Joe Drew <drew@debian.org>
  107333 smpeg: Attempting to link non-PIC code into shared lib

Package: smtpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Lines <john@paladin.demon.co.uk>
  108026 smtpd no good without sendmail
  108027 smtpd maintainer scripts trouble
  92278  does not build from source on alpha

Package: snmpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Engel <david@debian.org>
  105712 default configuration does not work
  107565 Package doesn't build : LD_LIBRARY_PATH incorrect in debian/rules

Package: space-orbit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eric M. Schwartz <emschwar@debian.org>
  106699 immediate segfault on Alpha

Package: spf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org>
  105840 spf: Missing build-depends

Package: spruce (debian/main)
Maintainer: Cody Pisto <cpisto@flash.net>
  76595  spruce crashes, creates "Temp3" mailbox
  80089  spruce crashes while trying to recreate mailbox index
  94088  spruce: build-depends on non-main package

Package: srecord (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  106220 [patch] srecord needs patch to build on ia64

Package: sslwrap (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  103018 Postinst fails if you already have a cert

Package: stalin (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org>
  107648 stalin_0.8-9 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: strace (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
  103854 strace fails to build on ia64
  104594 Does not build on s390
  92483  strace; Build-Depends: autoconf
  92532  outdated config.sub prevents arm build

Package: sudo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com>
  69430  sudo segfaults on unresolvable hostname

Package: swi-prolog (debian/main)
Maintainer: Milan Zamazal <pdm@debian.org>
  89881  swi-prolog: bus error during build on sparc
  99032  can't build on arm

Package: swig (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  108039 swig: no shlibs file

Package: swig1.3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  107928 swig1.3: does not ship common.swg
  108040 swig1.3: no shlibs file

Package: sword (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Glassey <danglassey@yahoo.com>
  103732 sword_1.5.2-1(unstable): can't compile on big endian architectures

Package: syslinux (debian/main)
Maintainer: Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org>
  107345 Syslinux doesn't properly load the kernel

Package: t1lib (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Huggins-Daines <dhd@debian.org>
  103781 needs newer config.{guess,sub}

Package: tasksel (debian/main)
Maintainer: Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org>
  103773 refers to several task packages, so not in a releasable state

Package: tcpslice (debian/main)
Maintainer: Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>
  106208 tcpslice needs newer config.{guess,sub}

Package: tela (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mikael Hedin <micce@debian.org>
  108083 Bad build-dependency on gcc 2.95

Package: tetex-bin (debian/main)
Maintainer: teTeX maintainers <debian-tetex-maint@lists.debian.org>
  101579 patch for seg faults in configure on IA-64

Package: texi2html (debian/main)
Maintainer: Peter Moulder <pjm@bofh.asn.au>
  95543  can't build on arm

Package: timidity (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org>
  106530 failed autobuild of timidity_2.10.4-2 (m68k): sys/asoundlib.h used  but libasound1-dev excluded from build-depends for m68k

Package: tkgofer (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Giuliano Procida <myxie@debian.org>
  101153 tkgofer: fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: tomcat (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Stefan Gybas <sgybas@debian.org>
  108053 tomcat requires pgrep too

Package: tpctl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  97055  tpctl is not installable

Package: tripwire (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  90912  tripwire: fails to build on powerpc
  92510  tripwire: build fails on sparc
  94603  fails to build on alpha

Package: ttcn3parser (debian/main)
Maintainer: W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>
  106650 failed autobuild of ttcn3parser_20010321-1 (m68k): java.lang.OutOfMemoryError  while running java antlr.Tool 

Package: ttf-arphic-bkai00mp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
  107583 please remove /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType directory

Package: ttysnoop (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paul Haggart <phaggart@debian.org>
  97719  ttysnoop doesn't launch on telnet connections

Package: ubit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Samuel Tardieu <sam@debian.org>
  106404 failed autobuild of ubit_0.14.2-5 (m68k)

Package: ucd-snmp (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Engel <david@debian.org>
  104044 ucd-snmp_4.2.1-5(unstable): fails to build from source when using fakeroot

Package: userv (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk>
  60094  userv_1.0.0(unstable): build error (non-extisting debiandoc2ps)
  91678  Package userv still has at least one file in /usr/doc

Package: vim-gtk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
  106969 gvim is missing from the PPC package

Package: vnc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  108419 vnc_3.3.3r2-13(unstable): fails to build on mips, mipsel, and i386

Package: vold (debian/main)
Maintainer: David van Leeuwen <david@ElseWare.cistron.nl>
  108084 Bad build-dependency on gcc 2.95

Package: vsftpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  105168 Build failure on ia64 (at least)

Package: vtun (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>
  100787 vtun_2.4b1-3(unstable): missing build depends

Package: w3c-libwww (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  108556 w3c-libwww_5.3.2-6 fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: w3m (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>
  94115  w3m segfaults on PPC

Package: watchdog (debian/main)
Maintainer: Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>
  98284  pid file in /var/run is 666 on my kernel 2.4 systems

Package: wn (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jean Pierre LeJacq <jplejacq@quoininc.com>
  108875 wn_2.2.9-1(unstable): needs to include time.h and sys/time.h
  94743  file conflicts between wn and wordnet

Package: wvdial (debian/main)
Maintainer: Avery Pennarun <apenwarr@debian.org>
  97298  Missing changelog.Debian.gz

Package: x-symbol (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve Dunham <dunham@debian.org>
  106931 elisp compilation of x-symbol fails
  98438  Installation of xemacs21-nomule fails

Package: x11iraf (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Zed Pobre <zed@debian.org>
  104374 x11iraf_1.2-2(unstable): usual tcl/tk build failure on sparc

Package: x48 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marco Budde <budde@debian.org>
  108883 x48_0.4-5(unstable): needs to include time.h and sys/time.h
  82610  x48: This package belongs in contrib
  98470  x48: debian/copyright doesn't include source location!

Package: xamixer-0.4 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  89843  xamixer-0.4: uninstallable

Package: xaw3dg (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de>
  96441  xawtv crashes when switching channels

Package: xbuffy (debian/main)
Maintainer: Joel Rosdahl <joel@debian.org>
  106251 xbuffy does not build on ia64 [patch]

Package: xcalendar-i18n (debian/main)
Maintainer: Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org>
  108878 xcalendar-i18n_4.0.0.i18p1-10(unstable): outdated build-depends

Package: xcdroast (debian/main)
Maintainer: ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>
  106430 source package not buildable on woody

Package: xcoral (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christophe Le Bars <clebars@debian.org>
  93083  failed autobuild of xcoral_1:3.2-3 (m68k): file permission problem  with debian/substvars.new

Package: xdu (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fredrik Hallenberg <hallon@debian.org>
  108879 xdu_3.0-6(unstable): missing libxaw7-dev build-depends

Package: xdvik-ja (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@debian.org>
  106209 xdvik-ja needs newer config.{guess,sub}

Package: xfce (debian/main)
Maintainer: Peter Novodvorsky <nidd@debian.org>
  103125 xfce_3.8.3-1(unstable): fails to build from source

Package: xfishtank (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eric Schwartz <emschwar@debian.org>
  105115 Build failure on ia64 (at least)
  107801 [PATCH] Missing files (.man), can't build

Package: xfonts-biznet-iso-8859-2-base (debian/main)
Maintainer: Piotr Roszatycki <dexter@debian.org>
  108911 xfonts-biznet-iso-8859-2-base: Dependency problems, confliscts with  xfonts-base

Package: xfree86 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>
  108185 xfree86: Build failure on hppa

Package: xfstt (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen J. Carpenter <sjc@debian.org>
  82992  Using any font served by xfstt makes X 4.0.2 crash

Package: xgdvi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masayuki Hatta <mhatta@debian.org>
  102075 it exits immediately with error: Unknown paper size: A4

Package: xine (debian/main)
Maintainer: Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>
  104544 builds on powerpc

Package: xinetd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  108567 [SECURITY] xinetd in woody still has umask 0000

Package: xjump (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  92517  uses non-FHS dir /var/lib/games

Package: xlockmore (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org>
  108995 failed build of xlockmore_1:5.00-5.02ALPHA07-1 (m68k): missing  libpthreads-dev build-depends

Package: xmcd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  85393  common.cfg is a conffile but modified by maintainer scripts

Package: xmix (debian/main)
Maintainer: Owen Dunn <owen@greenend.org.uk>
  106844 xmix_2.1-3.2(unstable): missing libxaw{6,7}-dev build-depends

Package: xml-i18n-tools (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  108929 xml-i18n-merge generates garbage UTF-8

Package: xmp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk>
  107238 Documentation in /usr/doc

Package: xmpi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com>
  107608 xmpi should be upgraded

Package: xonix-jahu (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert van der Meulen <rvdm@cistron.nl>
  102800 xonix-jahu_1.1-14(unstable): missing xlibs-dev build-dep

Package: xpm2wico (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wolfgang Sourdeau <was@debian.org>
  106905 xpm2wico_0.2.3-1(unstable): missing build-depends

Package: xpp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Scott K. Ellis <scott@debian.org>
  99031  can't build on arm

Package: xpvm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anand Kumria <wildfire@progsoc.org>
  105323 can't build on arm

Package: xruskb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian Mays <brian@debian.org>
  106277 xruskb: missing build dependency on xaw3dg-dev

Package: xscreensaver (debian/main)
Maintainer: Larry Daffner <vizzie@airmail.net>
  104582 xscreensaver: Build failure on hppa

Package: xserver-ggi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Charles Briscoe-Smith <cpbs@debian.org>
  102476 can not build
  91725  Package xserver-ggi still has at least one file in /usr/doc

Package: xshipwars-sounds-st (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  99997  xshipwars-sounds-st has broken source, can't extract, then immediately  clean

Package: xsidplay (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler <ujr@debian.org>
  100037 xsidplay: fails to autobuild on m68k

Package: xtel (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guillaume Morin <gemorin@debian.org>
  105378 xtel_3.2.1-15(unstable): missins libxaw7-dev build-depends

Package: xwit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dima Barsky <dima@debian.org>
  105375 xwit_3.4-4(unstable): missing xlibs-dev build-depends

Package: xxgdb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <debian-qa@lists.debian.org>
  94892  libXaw error when open() returns fd 0

Package: yale (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a  <jfs@computer.org>
  108452 Copyright issues with starplot data files (fix included)

Package: yiff-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  77921  yiff-server: yiff-server conflicts with esd and prevents GNOME from starting

Package: ytalk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
  104313 ytalk segfaults under sparc

Package: zebra (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  106284 Default enable password for zebra

Package: zephyr-clients (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Greg Stark <gsstark@mit.edu>
  106610 zephyr-clients depends on libzephyr3-krb ?

Package: zope-emarket (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@debian.org>
  89812  should depend on zope-zpatterns

Package: zope-loginmanager (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@debian.org>
  87336  zope-loginmanager needs to depend on zope-zpatterns

Package: zope-pagetemplates (debian/main)
Maintainer: Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis <luca@debian.org>
  107773 zope-pagetemplates must depend on zope-ztutils

Package: zope-zwiki (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Goldman <whig@debian.org>
  95453  zwiki produces web pages with uncorrect link: it is unusable

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