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debian-devel-announce posting permission

Due to the amount of junk and misplaced postings on
debian-devel-announce@lists.debian.org it was requested certain times
to moderate this list.

This is not done exactly, but posting permission is granted only to
registrated Debian developers.  If you have to post to this mailing
list, please read the following requirements carefully.

 1. All official Debian developers are allowed to post to that list.

 2. Only mails with a valid GnuPG or PGP signature will pass our
    test.  It doesn't matter if you use PGP/MIME or clearsign.

 3. Verification is made against our official keyring.  If you are
    unsure if your key is inside, check with <http://db.debian.org/>.

 4. No trailing text is allowed, i.e. if your MUA would add a
    signature to a mail outside of signed text, turn it off.

 5. Answers to postings (detected via In-Reply-To: and References:)
    are not permitted and will be bounced to debian-devel instantly.

 6. No empty subject is allowed.

 7. Mail-Followup-To: debian-devel will be added automatically.

Thanks to Wichert Akkerman who helped me with the python script to
tweak LDAP and signatures.



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