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End of leader vote

Today is the last day of our vote for our new leader.

Because we've had a variety of problems, and for reasons documented
in the Robert Grudin quote, under "Date Input Format" in the info docs
on the date command, I'm declaring that the vote is over at midnight,
as measured at the international date line.

To find out when this is, issue the following command on your system:

	date --date='2001-03-28 23:59:59 -1200'

If you've had problems submitting your vote (especially, if you submitted
your vote when the LDAP server was down), please resubmit as soon as

Please have your votes in well before the cutoff time, so we don't have
to about ambiguities such as local clock drift and communication delays.
Please don't vote after the voting period is over.  [If such ambiguities
do arise, I'll make an arbitrary choice.]



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