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Second Bug Squashing Party for Woody next weekend


People are asking already for another bug party, so here it is.

The second Bug Squashing Party for this release will be held next
weekend, from the 16th to 18th of March.

Actually we have 350 RC bugs. Many of the easy, longstanding bugs were
fixed weeks ago during the first party, so I assume we'll need many more
non-trivial patches to fix many of the remaining bugs.

Same rules will apply to the previous party: open for anyone, including
non-developers, only release critical bugs without any activity for more
than 15 days will be fixed, standard NMU rules apply (chapter 7,
developers reference).

If you want to participate, join #debian-bugs on OpenProjects
(irc.debian.org, check www.openprojects.net for a full list of servers)
anytime during next weekend. Debian developers will be around, they
should be able to give clear instructions of what needs to be done. Pay
attention at the topic in that channel, as it will always contain useful
information about the fixing progress.

I'd like to prepare a pre-status document for as many bugs as I can
analize during this week, so people can have a one-line summary of what
the problem is in the bug before attacking it. I can use a lot of help
with that, of course, so if you think you can help me, mail me at

See you on Friday,
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