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Bug-Squashing Party next weekend

Now that we have some release plans for Woody, it's about time to start the
bug-squashing parties to start lowering the number of RC bugs.
Right now we have about 500 RC bugs. The majority of them have an easy fix:
recompiles so they get relinked to the correct libraries, adding
build-depends, etc, so anyone, including non-developers can help.

If you want to help, then try to join #debian-bugs at any time between Friday
23 to Sunday 25 of February. Many developers will be there, including
Anthony Towns, and some of the FTP masters.

Helping is easy. Just confirming if a bug is still open is important. If you
have programming skills, you could try writing patches for the harder ones
or the "doesn't build on foo arch" type. If you aren't a developer, don't
worry, there will be people there to help you get your fixes uploaded.

Remember our IRC network is OpenProjects, which can be reached by logging to

Please, if you find you can spare some hours next weekend, please try to
participate so we can kill as many bugs as we can.

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