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Changes to experimental, proposed-updates and orphaned distributions

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The following changes have taken place as of today's daily archive

(1) Experimental is dead, long live experimental.  

As mentioned in an earlier email, I've cleaned a lot of the cruft out
of experimental.  What remains has been migrated to the pool and the
old (horrible) setup of project/experimental has been replaced with a
proper per-component+per-architecture setup like all the other real
distributions.  Anyone using experimental will have to update their
apt/dpkg-ftp/whatever configuration file to cope.  (No, I'm not going
to give an example, as I have no desire to encourage careless use of

There's also been a couple of other changes to experimental; namely 

a) experimental now uses unstable's override file, so anyone can
upload an experimental version of a package already in unstable
without the need to wait for NEW processing; similarly, a package can
be moved from experimental to unstable without NEW processing.

b) [not yet implemented] experimental packages now have to be newer
than their counterparts (if any) in unstable.  This allows me to
auto-clean experimental and keep the cruft problem under control.  If
anyone objects violently, now would be the time to do so as I haven't
implemented this yet.

(2) Proposed-updates is not dead [but I'd very much like it to be]

The contents of proposed-updates have been migrated to the pool.
Although I'd very much like to kill p-u in it's current form, I can't
do that without breaking people's apt/dpkg-ftp/whatever setups so I've
left it as is for now.  However, fair warning, on woody's release, p-u
will die in it's current form and be reincarnated as a proper
distribution (just like experimental).  This will obviously require
updating whatever documentation refers to p-u, but I guess that can be
sorted out closer to the time.

(3) project/orphaned proclaimed moribund; removal imminent

project/orphaned is IMO not a dreadfully useful thing.  I don't see
the need for us (and the mirror network) to carry this cruft.  If
anyone wants the source for a removed package they can always get it
from a) stable, b) archive.debian.org or c) the relevant 'removed'
directory on ftp-master.d.o or non-us.d.o.  Basically implementing
project/orphaned support in the new pools removal script would be
non-trivial and I don't particularly want to spend time on it.  NB:
none of the scripts used since I joined ftpmaster had support for p/o
either, so it has effectively been unused for the last 3 years or so.
So anyway, as soon as I get round to it, project/orphaned is going to
disappear off mirrors.  It won't be deleted (if I can avoid it, I
never delete anything), and will be available on ftp-master.d.o for
anyone who needs to resurrect something from it.

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