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Strangely there have been two conference announcements in recent days.

I haven't seen (as yet) any messages about the worhtiness / relevance
of them, so I presume these postings are okay.


Linux.Conf.Au is being held in Sydney, Australia during 17th - 20th
January 2001. Alan Cox, David Miller and Andrew Tridgell are speaking.

There will be many other interestig speakers many of whom are the
usual conference junkie set. See <URL: http://linux.conf.au/attendees/>
for a list of who is coming and peruse our schedule which is available
at <URL: http://linux.conf.au/schedule/>.

So, how is this Debian related? Wichert will also be coming Down Under
to present a talk on the Debian packaging system and to lead a Debian

If you happen to be in Australia (or other nearby countries) this is
an ideal oppurtunity to associate name and email addresses with faces 
and personalities. As a bonus you can also, probably, get your key signed.

If there are enough Debian developers (at least 10) coming along we are, 
as per the web page, offering a discount. Email me if you are keen.

Further information is available at <URL: http://linux.conf.au/>.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Anand Kumria
Linux.Conf.Au organiser

Linux.Conf.Au			--		http://linux.conf.au/
17th - 20th January, 		--		Alan Cox, David Miller,
Sydney, Australia 		--		Tridge, maddog and you?

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