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Status of Proposals

There are two standing proposals that I know of.  If something hasn't been
done (I believe either Manoj or Overfiend are on vacation or recently came
back from), I'd like to clearify.

I had a conversation with Overfiend last week and was informed
(unofficially, unfortunatly) that he and Manoj came to an agreement to scrap
the current propsoals and come up with a joint set of proposals to vote on.
I have asked Overfiend to announce this to the lists.

I am back on active status.  October 30th, I started a new job that will
allow me more time to spend on Debian.  Infact, my lack of time for Debian
was part of the reason for seeking new employment.  I have spoken with
Wichert, seeking his opinion and he mentioned he'd like me to continue in
this position.

We lost a GR to expiration when I failed to post a ballot within a specified
time limit and others in the project failed to fill in in my abence.  In
order prevent this in the future, I plan on conducting the next vote (be it
the current proposals, unwithdrawn; or the new combined set of proposals) in
conjunction with the Technical Committee Chairman so that he is better
prepared to step in should the need arise.

I am also seeking an partner to run all Secretary corrosponance, including
ballots, through and can, also, be trained in everything.  The constitution
doesn't directly allow this person to fill in for undelegated decisions but,
being trained, they can assist the Technical Committee Chairman and/or the
Project Leader.  Please understand that volunteering for such a position can
open you up to unpleasentness.  Debian can be tough on people "in the

Until then...

Please cc all mailing list replies to me, also.
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