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Is now generally available. The machine is courtesy of VA Linux Systems,
it is one of their VA Linux 2240 models with 4x18G of storage and 256meg
of ram. It replaces the failed machine formerally known as 'va.debian.org'
(which still works as it should) and is deticted to the memory of the late
Joel 'Espy' Klecker. 

Probably next Monday I will transfer people.debian.org from master to
klecker, so anyone who has a web page at http://www.debian.org/~foo will
have to copy it before that deadline. (See my other message regarding

Klecker will serve as the main web server for the project, and it is also
the box most suited for general user use. The only filesystem is a 48G
RAID5 which I hope will eventually get backed up to tape [more on that
later]. If you want to read your mail on a shell, or server web content of
any sort (including APT sources) I recommend klecker, it is the only
machine we will be making an effort on to preserve the user home

If you previously had mail stored in /var/spool/mail that has been
restored, nothing should have been lost. All mail sent to *@va.debian.org
has been properly delivered to the right place, none was lost AFAIK.

cvs.debian.org will be moving off auric to klecker soon.

WWW mirrors should be aware that the root WWW mirror server is
'www-master.debian.org' mirroring is done via password protected rsync.
Email debian-www@lists.debian.org if you need help or think something is

Debian Admin

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