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[Notice] Social Contract Change Vote

Be advised that at approximatly 00:00:00 UTC, the ballot for the proposal
to change our Social Contract will be issued.

One person mentioned not understanding my last email so here's the
executive summary: Changing the Social Contract and DFSG has the same
requirments for changing the Constitution.  They are all as important as
(or more important than) the Constitution.  That means this proposal will
require a 3:1 majority to pass.  The amendment is changing a General
Resolution.  Since a GR is not considered important until AFTER passage,
the amendent only needs a quorum to pass.

While I appreciate the sentiment that I should have let this proposal die,
I do not think the person who made the suggestion would have let it and,
more importantly, I believe the processes must maintain integrity if Debian
is going to grow gracefully.

Finally, the vote will take place in two stages for clarity sake.

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