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global libtool update required for Hurd compatibility


if your package uses libtool to build libraries (you recognize this by the
existance of the files ltconfig and ltmain.sh in the root directory of the
source package), you need to update the version of libtool for the package
to build correctly on the Hurd.

All versions of libtool are broken, except the current development version
upstream (CVS) and the Debian package of libtool, 1.3.5-2, which was
uploaded today.

The problems are various (depending on the version of libtool), but the
main problem is the lack of support of inter-library dependencies.
They are dropped at compilation time, which results in missing dependencies
of the binary package.

To update libtool in the package:

apt-get install libtool   # Version 1.3.5-2, or higher.

cd package-version
libtoolize -f

Please don't add the libtoolize command to the debian/rules script, but
rather update the files in place, as shown above.

You don't need to upload a new package just for this change, of course.
But please include this into your next upload.


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