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Debian Conference 1 : Ian Murdock and Bruce Perens will be here

Ian Murdock and Bruce Perens will be with us during the Debian
Conference 1, that will be held in Bordeaux (France), from 4th to 8th of
July 2001, during the Libre Software Meeting. The very first event of
the Conference, the so-called "Speech from the Throne", will undoubtedly
have something special this year...

The aim of the Debian Conference is to "realize" Debian physically, once a 
year, somewhere, in order to allow the debianers to know each other, in
order to improve the communication, and to ease the solutions of
problems, via discussions and coding parties.

And during these 5 days, there are 4 nights ;)

Like in 2000, in 2001 the Debian Conference will be held during the
Libre Software Meeting, allowing too exchanges with other organizations,
and presentations of what is done in other areas.
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