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Looking for volunteers to maintain a Kernel Cousin Debian Devel

A while ago I asked for volunteers to maintainer a Kernel Cousin
(see http://kt.linuxcare.com/) for debian-devel. A couple of things
have changed since then, so this is a new call for volunteers.

We are looking for 5 to 10 volunteers, who would be working together
to write the weekly cousin. The basic strategy will be:

Previously Zack Brown wrote:
> There will be a mailing list, for authors to claim threads (to avoid
> duplicating work) and discuss the practical problems of doing the Cousin.
> There will also be a written set of policies, regarding what constitutes a
> valid submission, how authors can change their weekly number of summaries,
> etc. 

Zack expects that this this will take about an hour a week for per
volunteer. If you would like to help please subscribe to the
kcd-debian-devel lists by sending an email with the text "subscribe
kcd-debian-devel" in the body to majordomo@lists.linuxcare.com. Once
you've joined the list please introduce yourselves and Zack will take
things from there.


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