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Release-critical Bugreport for August 18, 2000

Bug stamp-out list for  Aug 18 05:0 (CST)

Total number of release-critical bugs: 55
Number that will disappear after removing packages marked [REMOVE]: 0


Package: afterstep (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steven R. Baker <srbaker@debian.org>
  69297  afterstep: Pager causes wharf to go wonky

Package: base (pseudo)
Maintainer: Enrique Zanardi <sr1-boot-floppies@debian.org>
  67913  Handling of non-English characters screwed up
[IGNORE] No workaround or fix available for potato?

Package: boot-floppies (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  69161  boot-floppies: installer fails to create bootable system 	on ``oldworld'' PowerMacs

Package: bsmtpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Roland Rosenfeld <roland@debian.org>
  69326  [woody] bsmtpd: can't configure bsmtpd

Package: cracklib2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jean Pierre LeJacq <jplejacq@quoininc.com>
  69187  /usr/lib/debhelper used instead of /usr/share/debhelper/

Package: dante-client (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  69017  dante-client: System broke because there's no /usr/lib/libdsocksd.so symlink

Package: dhcpcd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dennis Kelly <dpk@debian.org>
  69209  dhcpcd makes the parent process lock up in some case

Package: emacs20 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
  65208  Gnus broken by upgrade to 20.6-2
[IGNORE] Will have to wait for r1 (Rob Browning promised to fix ~23/7)

Package: emacs20-dl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  66616  emacs20-dl: Still does not build on powerpc
[IGNORE] No fix available for potato
  69171  emacs20-dl does not have /etc/emacs20/ in load-path

Package: fetchmailconf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paul Haggart <phaggart@debian.org>
  69005  fetchmailconf fails to start due to python/tk problem

Package: freeciv-gtk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jules Bean <jules@debian.org>
  69092  freeciv-gtk depends on non-Debian packages

Package: ftp.debian.org (pseudo)
Maintainer: Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>
  68933  ftp.de.debian.org is 80% gone
  69072  libgd1 is in the wrong place
  69207  Missing pcmcia-modules packages cause pcmcia to disappear when upgrading from slink
  69270  ftp.debian.org: Danish server off duty?
  69302  Outdated Package file for slink renders archive useless

Package: gdk-imlib1 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ossama Othman <ossama@debian.org>
  69237  gdk-imlib1: The newest version is older than requirement of some package (1.9.8 vs.

Package: geda-gschem (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org>
  69025  geda-gschem: libgeda.so.9 not available on debian ftp site

Package: general (pseudo)
Maintainer: debian-devel@lists.debian.org
  69314  general: pdksh on cdimage.debian.org binary-i386-2.iso seems corrupt.

Package: gif2png (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
  69290  build depends on libpng

Package: gnapster (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
  69109  gnapster_1.3.10-4(unstable): error in build dependencies

Package: gnome-panel (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  69075  sparc gnome-panel depends on non extisting gnome-panel-data

Package: gnomeicu (debian/main)
Maintainer: Edward C. Lang <edlang@debian.org>
  66841  Gnomeicu goes "online" and exits with code 01 on Alpha
[IGNORE] Will need to wait for r1

Package: hylafax-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christophe Le Bars <clebars@debian.org>
  67380  policy violation - h-s plays with other packages files
[IGNORE] No fix available for potato.

Package: i18ndata (debian/main)
Maintainer: Joel Klecker <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
  62173  i18ndata: Contains non-free file.
[FIX] Relicensed upstream

Package: jtex-base (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@debian.org>
  68945  jtex fails to create format file.

Package: libguilegtk0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  69144  libguilegtk0: crashes on gnome-init-hack

Package: libhoard1 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  66790  Version 1.5.2 of libhoard won't compile on Alpha (patch)
[IGNORE] Will need to wait for r1

Package: libmime-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  67925  New version with significant improvements available...

Package: libpng (debian/main)
Maintainer: Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org>
  69291  should build depend on zlib-dev

Package: liece (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org>
  68717  M-x liece<RET> yields: Fontset `-Misc-Fixed-Bold-R-Normal--15-140-75-75-C-90-ISO8859-1' does not exist
[IGNORE] No fix available for potato

Package: maildrop (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve Haslam <araqnid@debian.org>
  67126  maildrop does not work, it can't create a dot-lock
[IGNORE] No fix available for potato

Package: mailx (debian/main)
Maintainer: Loic Prylli <lprylli@graville.fdn.fr>
  68745  cat somefile | mail -s teste root@localhost segfaults
[FIX] Fixed in -10.1.3 ?

Package: makedev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com>
  69351  Makedev creates a loop on /dev/ram

Package: man-db (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@debian.org>
  69226  man-db_2.3.17-2(unstable): non-executable script during building

Package: masqmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
  69112  Segmentation fault when vi recover message is queued

Package: mgp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>
  69063  mgp: WARN: cannot generate pnmraw+ file from xxxx.eps

Package: modutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
  68986  missing quote in update-modules

Package: mount (debian/main)
Maintainer: Vincent Renardias <vincent@debian.org>
  69087  mount 2.10m available (needed for nfsv3)

Package: netscape (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
[IGNORE] No fix available for potato
  68697  [POTATO!] netscape vulnerable for brown orifice bug!
  68760  netscape: JPEG COM Marker Processing Vulnerability in Netscape Browsers

Package: netscape-base-4 (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
[IGNORE] No fix available for potato
  68340  netscape-base-4: wrapper has a security bug

Package: netscape-base-473 (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
[IGNORE] No fix available for potato
  67748  netscape-base-473: netscape-4.73 has a buffer overrun problem.

Package: nfs-kernel-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Chip Salzenberg <chip@debian.org>
  69089  /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server does things in the wrong order

Package: nscd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Joel Klecker <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
  58367  nscd: 'broken pipe' error causes entire box to be unusable
[IGNORE] No fix or workaround available for potato (ajt)

Package: postfix (debian/main)
Maintainer: LaMont Jones <lamont@debian.org>
  69212  postfix: It crashes when sening mail from mutt

Package: python-imaging (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org>
  69215  python-imaging: JPEG problems on Alpha

Package: screen (debian/main)
Maintainer: Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org>
  69275  screen: writebuf causes screen to die

Package: sgml-data (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org>
  69266  buildscript does not fail on error

Package: ssh (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>
  51747  ssh: can't handle expired passwords
[IGNORE] No fix or workaround available for potato (ajt)

Package: sslwrap (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
  69196  sslwrap: Fails to speak SSL

Package: syslinux (debian/main)
Maintainer: Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org>
  69140  Syslinux boot fails on Industrial Computer Source boxen

Package: tetex-base (debian/main)
Maintainer: teTeX maintainers <debian-tetex-maint@lists.debian.org>
  65961  tetex-base/tetex-nonfree: serious license problems
[IGNORE] No fix or workaround available for potato (ajt)

Package: xfaces (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hakan Ardo <hakan@debian.org>
  69100  xfaces_3.3-15(unstable): build error (bad permissions)

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