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Organisation of Debian Conference 1

Just a few words about the next Debian Conference (the 1st ;), which
will be held from 4th to 8th of July 2001 in Bordeaux (France).

I will send a message sketching the organisation in some days (I planned
: on monday).

There are two lists dedicated to the discussions concerning the
conference :

- debian@lsm.abul.org is for debian related topics ;
- lsm@lsm.abul.org is for general LSM topics;

Please subscribe to both lists by sending a message to
sympa@lsm.abul.org, with the subject "debian" (resp. lsm) if you want to
participate to the organisation or simply discuss about the conference.

Thierry LARONDE <thierry.laronde@polynum.com>
Membre de l'APRIL - http://www.april.org/
10, rue du Bel Air, 74000 ANNECY / Tel.-Fax : 33.(0)
/home du SDF (Site Debian Francophone) : http://www.polynum.com/debian/

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