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1th Debian Conference

The 1th Debian Conference will be held in Bordeaux (France), on the
campus of the ENSERB and University of Bordeaux I, from 4th to 8th of
July 2001, during the second edition of the Libre Software Meeting.

The 0th Conference was the alpha release, and was a success. The first one 
will be a finalized one.

I, as the main organizer, and several Debian developers suggest that the
next ones take place in other countries, on other continents, in order
for the event to touch, all other the world, the maximum of public, and
in order to spread the spirit of Libre software.

So, during the First Debian Conference, I will hand on the torch to the
futur organizer, and France will hand on the torch to the next country
welcoming the event. 

This is the birth of the Olympiades of Libre Software.
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