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Test Cycle Two Ended

(again, bcc'ed to -devel-announce; and again, please be careful where you
reply to)

Hello world,

As most of you have probably noticed, Test Cycle Two ended with the
previous dinstall run and rsync pulse. At the end of TC2 we're left with
working boot-floppies, working CD images, working packages, and a number
of showstopper security and usability bugs.

As such, a whole bunch of packages have made their way into potato [0]
and from there to the mirrors and our ever gallant testers' machines
for testing and, hopefully, release.

Of these, both openssh (1.2.3-5) and netscape4.base (4.73-31) have brown
paper bag bugs [1]. The latter of these has been fixed (4.73-32), and
is awaiting the next mirror pulse.

As well as these, another handful of packages have been updated, and
either have been installed into potato awaiting a mirror pulse, or will
be shortly [2].

The job's still a little way from being complete yet. Before test cycle
three can begin, we still need:

	* Updated kernel (Herbert Xu is packaging 2.2.17pre6)
	* Updated modules packages to match the forthcoming kernel
        * Fixed openssh
	* Updated boot-floppies

As well as these tasks (which could be difficult, and hold up the cycle),
we also need to do a few more things which shouldn't hold up the cycle:

	* Remove/Update cce (Anthony Fok is working on an update)
	* Remove freeamp/powerpc
	* Remove cheops
	* Remove rpm2html

There may be some more issues raised in recent important/grave/critical
bugs that will affect the third cycle as well; but aside from the
aforementioned, most of the existing bugs at those severities don't
actually make the package unsuitable for release, and won't result in
removals or delays.

As usual, please mail me if there's anything not covered here (or filed
as an important or above bug report in the last day or two) that will
delay or abort either the cycle or the release.

Oh, and thanks to James Troup for doing the grunt work of archive
installation and rejection for me :)

aj (acting release manager)

[0] These packages were:

    amanda_2.4.1p1-12           atlas_3.0-8
    base-config_0.32            cricket_0.70-2
    cupsys_1.0.4-7              dhttpd_1.02a-5
    dpkg_1.6.14                 emacs20-dl_20.7-2
    emacs20_20.7-2              emacsen-common_1.4.12
    epic_3.004-16               eterm_0.8.10-10
    gcc_2.95.2-13               glide2-v2_2.53-6
    glide2-v3_2.60-6            gnats_3.113-13
    gnomba_0.5.1-3.1            gnome-napster_0.4.1-0.2
    gnome-pim_1.0.55-3          kon2_0.3.9b-3
    listar_0.129a-2             locale-ja_14
    login.app_1.2.1-10potato.1  mailx_8.1.1-10.1.1
    modutils_2.3.11-8           mule2_2.3+19.34-7potato6
    mysql_3.22.32-3             netscape4.73_4.73-19
    netscape4.base_4.73-31      nvi-m17n_1.79+19991117-2.2
    openldap_1.2.11-1           opie_2.32-1.1
    pam_0.72-9                  pcmcia-cs_3.1.8-16
    pdl_2.005-4                 plplot_4.99j-11
    postgresql_6.5.3-22         quota_1.65-4
    qvwm_1.1.7-1.1              radiusclient_0.3.1-7
    rxvt_2.6.2-2                samba_2.0.7-3
    sendmail_8.9.3-23           setserial_2.17-16
    splitvt_1.6.3-7.1           sysvinit_2.78-3
    task-python_1.2             tgif_4.1.34-2
    typespeed_0.4.0-5           whois_4.4.14
    xfree86-1_3.3.6-8           xinetd_2.1.8.8.p3-1
    xlockmore_4.15-8            zope_2.1.6-5

    openssh_1.2.3-5             sslwrap_2.0.5-10.2
      (both non-us)

    chess_5.00-1                postgresql-slink_6.3.2
      (new or re-instated)

[1] The sort that makes you want to walk around with a brown paper bag over
    your head when you make it.

[2] These are:

    autofs_3.1.4-7              netscape4.base_4.73-32
    gftp_2.0.6a-3_i386.changes  tasksel_1.0-10
    xemacs21_21.1.10-3          wu-ftpd_2.6.0-5.1

Anthony Towns <aj@humbug.org.au> <http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/>
I don't speak for anyone save myself. GPG signed mail preferred.

  ``We reject: kings, presidents, and voting.
                 We believe in: rough consensus and working code.''
                                      -- Dave Clark

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