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Test cycle schedule

I will end the current test cycle on next wednesday, may 24th.  On that
day I will install all the packages scheduled for installation.

During the two days after that, I will remove most of the packages that
have release-critical bugs from potato.  It may take more than two days,
but I hope not.

On Monday, may 29th, I will start the next test cycle.  Monday will be
the last day on which I install (or remove) packages; after that the
archive will be quiet so that the boot-floppies and cd image teams can go
to work.  This time I would like to have more than one person
standing by to make CD images.

Note that it is quite likely that some of the packages I will remove
will have bugs only in woody.  Figuring that out for more than 100
reports is simply too much work for one person.  If you know of such
a bug, please put [woody] in the title to prevent its removal.

On a related note, I sometimes see discussion on debian-devel about
whether a bug really is release-critical.  Such discussion is good
and useful for gathering consensus.  But discussing, agreeing, and
then doing nothing will do nothing.  Please follow up on such decisions.

Richard Braakman

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