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admin: Exim install on master

Okay everyone,

The exim installation on master is now completed. This means all existing
.qmail files are not longer used for anything and all mail is processed by
exim using standard sendmail-like .forward files. I have painstakingly
converted all the .qmail files into comparable .forward files where
possible, and mailed people otherwise. I've double checked the addresses
that do alot of traffic on master, and they all appear to go to the same
place still. Some of you might have problems, particularly if 
  a) You don't have a lastlog entry, I was very intolerant of people
     using local storage that have never logged in. Many of these people
     had a local mail spool and a forwarding, so only the forwarding
     remains now.
  b) You did something really odd, like put /var/spool/mail in your
     .qmail or use qmail $ variables in your .qmail
  c) Using qmail-specific pseudo-list software 
Anyhow, on to the features that are available. I'll put this on a web page
someplace later.

Mail Path
Exim's setup supports several ways to route mail:
  #1 -> LDAP forwarding 
  #2 -> .forward file
  #3 -> .procmailrc file
  #4 -> .forward-foo file
  #5 -> .forward-default file (NOTE: Not .forward-foo-default - Only 1

Mail to @debian.org goes:
  [#1 -> #2 -> #3] or [#4 -> #5]

Mail to @master.debian.org goes:
  [#2 -> #3 -> #1] or [#4 -> #5]

LDAP forwarding will be used by many machines, using a forwarding
directive in LDAP will make your mail faster and more reliable since it
has multiple paths to go through. 

** If you use procmail for your main mailbox, PLEASE, erase your .forward
file and put a .procmailrc in its place instead! This feature has been
supported on master for a good while now, and will continue to be

The correct way to invoke procmail is "|/usr/bin/procmail [options]"
Ignore the IFS=".." stuff in the procmail man page.

MailBox formats
Mailbox format files "/debian/home/foo/Mbox"
Maildir format files "/debian/home/foo/MDir/"

To deliver to /var/spool/mail/foo use a construct like '|/usr/bin/procmail
-m /dev/null'. Putting the mailbox path will not work. You must use
absolute paths for mailboxes, qmail-like ./ paths are not supported by

Also, 'Exim Filter' files are deliberately turned off.

Delivery Environment
Some environment variables are set per-message (not quoted! Carefull!)
It is important to note that the environment variables dealing with
addressing apply to the ENVELOPE address are are totally completely
unrelated to the actual contents of the message:

'Standard' Env Variables: EXTENSION (the 'foo' in .forward-foo)
                          LOGNAME,USER (your user name)
                          SENDER (envelope originator of message)
'Qmail' Env Variables:    EXT == EXTENSION
                          LOCAL = (the entire bit before the @)
                          RECIPIENT = (the entire envelope to)
Such that,

These are the environment variables I hope we will commit to keeping,
should we ever change mailers again.


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