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Packages removed from frozen

I removed these packages from frozen today.

package: communicator-dmotif-408 (debian/non-free).
Maintainer: Adam Heath <adam.heath@usa.net>
[Took out netscape4.08 packages]
  48163 Cannot coexist with current LessTif package.

Package: communicator-smotif-461 (debian/non-free).
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
[Took out netscape4.61 packages]
  42259 [TBF] If you open a menu and a cookie pops up, the browser hangs
  43849 communicator-smotif: Floating point exception error
  45154 communicator-smotif-461: dead keys no longer work with libc5 version

Package: cti-ifhp (debian/main).
Maintainer: Sven Rudolph <sr1@sax.de>
[Superseded by ifhp]
[Also removed from unstable]
  57272 cti-ifhp: latest potato version breaks printing subsystem

Package: dip (debian/main).
Maintainer: Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@debian.org>
[HELP] Orphaned, can't be rebuilt.
  56713 dip: No cleanup after exit, duplicate route and interface left behind.

Package: ghc4 (debian/main).
Maintainer: Aaron Van Couwenberghe <aaronv@debian.org>
  52794 ghc4_4.04.19990916-3(unstable): configure doesn't know m68k
[WAITING] Maintainer was contacted on Feb. 20, awaitinG reply. (MH)
  55247 ghc4: can't compile from source
[WAITING] Maintainer was contacted on Feb. 20, awaiting reply. (MH)

Package: glbiff (debian/main).
Maintainer: Eric Leblanc <jughead@debian.org>
  55895 Y2K problem ?

Package: libg++272 (debian/main).
Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <gcc@packages.debian.org>
  47212 [i386, m68k] libg++272_2.7.2.8-1 build failure
[WAITING] Maintainer was contacted on Dec 12, awaiting reply.
[Also takes out navigator 408 packages and netscape4]

Package: queue (debian/main).
Maintainer: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
  56931 queue changing ownership/perms on /dev/tty

Package: transproxy (debian/main).
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>
  56998 transproxy: daemon does not start

Package: xexec (debian/contrib).
Maintainer: Zed Pobre <zed@debian.org>
[Also removed from unstable]
  56762 xexec: GPLed software linked against non-compatible Qt2

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