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Re: 6 days till Bug Horizon

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Matthias Klose wrote:

>  > Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <gcc@packages.debian.org>
>  > [HELP] For gcc/g++ bug reports to be sent to the upstream maintainers,
>  > certain procedures must be followed, so help from clueful people is required
>  >   48530 g++ [alpha]: internal compiler error building open-amulet

I'll check this again.  I think it's been fixed, but don't close it until
I check again.

>  > [WAITING] Maintainer was contacted on Dec 12, awaiting reply.
>  >   55291 [alpha] g++ causes internal compiler error compiling hatman

I'll check this one also.  Believe this is an optimiser error and can be
worked around.

>  > Package: gcc (debian/main).
>  > Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <gcc@packages.debian.org>
>  >   55263 [alpha] can't compile ncurses4.2

I have a patch for this (must've forgotten to send it in).  I'll review
the patch and send it to the ncurses4.2 maintainer.

> #58467: gstep-guile: three broken dependencies was removed from this
> list. However there sits a package in Incoming which fixes the
> dependencies.

This barfs on Alpha during compilation.  I'll send the log to you, I
guess (or the relevent portions at least).

> #58424: lapack: can't build from source 
> has to be tested with a recent g++/libc6 for alpha. Removing the
> package is not a solution, because it's a library other packages
> depend on.

I got past that error (is an error in the diff), but it still dies during
compile with an ambiguous REAL call or something.  Again, will send that


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