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Debian Leadership Debate

Everyone now agrees, the Leadership Debate will be held at:
  6am +1100     (sorry .au folks)
  8pm  +100
  7pm   000
  2pm  -500
  1pm  -600
 12pm  -700
 11am  -800

On Tuesday, Feb. 15. Rob Levin from Linux Care will be moderating.

It will be held on irc.debian.org on channel #debian-debate. The
debate will have the following format:

* 24 hours before the debate each of the candiates will email me their
  'opening speech'. I will take all the speeches and place them onto 
  the web site at the same time. The candidates and general body can read
  them then. This will be done at once to advoid giving any candidate an
* The actual debate will have two parts, a strongly moderated traditional
  debate that goes like this:
     1) The moderator will ask the candiate a question, the candidate will
        then have a reasonable period to responed. 
     2) After the response each of the other candidates will respond in
     3) The first candidate will get to make closing remarks on the
  Each candidate will be asked 3-4 questions (~12 in total) in this
* Audience/developer questions will be asked of the candidates to answer
  'free style'. Each candidate will get a short period to respond.

The Debate topics have been pretty much set now, just some fine tuning is
required. Each of the 4 candidates will be attending. If you have some
questions for the end part email them to jgg-debate@wakko.deltatee.com

Pretty HTMLized versions of the results will be posted to the web site
after, and I think linux.com will be doing personal interviews of each of
the 4 candiates.


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