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Need volunteer for RC bug reminders

I'm looking for someone who will send mail to the maintainers of packages
with release-critical bugs, and collect and record the replies.  I haven't
had time to do this myself since the real freeze began.

The bugscan comments file should be used to record mails sent (as
[WAITING] tags), and to record short summaries about the status of each
bug.  If longer evaluations bugs are received, they should be forwarded
to the bug tracking system.

There are three benefits to sending out such mails:

  - It reminds maintainers about bugs they may have missed or forgotten.
    (I noticed a definite peak of bugfixings right after December 12th).

  - It identifies bugs will (probably) not be dealt with in time by
    their maintainers, so that attention can be focused on them.

  - It identifies bugs that are being worked on, which we won't have
    to worry about.

I can promise that this is useful and important work, which will help
improve the quality of potato and accelerate its release.  Sending out
the mails is a bit boring, but collecting the replies is not.

I am NOT looking for someone to run an automated reminder service.
Such reminders quickly become background noise and will be largely
ignored.  Some degree of automation will be helpful, however.

If you volunteer, I'll explain how the bugscan system works and what
kind of mails I have in mind.  Expect to spend several hours a day
on this at first, and about an hour a day once you get used to it.

You'll have to be a Debian developer, since the task involves access
to the bugscan comments file, which resides on master.

Richard Braakman

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