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Re: Scary bugs - quota:bug47718

>Package: quota (debian/main).
>Maintainer: Heiko Schlittermann <heiko@lotte.sax.de>
>[HELP] Mail to maintainer bounced.
>  41753 quota: repquota and quotacheck segfault
>  47222 quota: edquota - confusing
>  47718 edquota will not allow soft or hard limits above 4194303 blocks
> Is 47718 critical?  4194303 blocks is one K less than 4G.  As on 32bit
> platforms we can currently only support 2G files (actually 1 byte less than
> 2G) does it matter that we can only set a quota of 4G?
> For 64bit platforms it is an issue, but I think that there are more
> significant 64bit issues with the quota system than that.

Bug number 47718:

The limit maybe 4G, but most computers have far bigger harddisk now, and it 
only needs a few large files, to exceed the 4G limit, especially if it is a 
group quota. This bug is very annoying since it is difficult to run a group 
quota on my systems.

There is a bug fix for this problem which was reported in another bug report 
number 39249 in July 1999, which I mentioned in a bug report update. I have 
noticed that the bug has been marked as "fixed" yesterday.

However a new version of the quota package, does not seem to have been 
uploaded. So how can a bug-report be marked as "fixed" if it isn't. I'd 
understand if it severity was de-classified to a lower severity.

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