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RE: Linux World Expo in NY

What type of equipment and timespan are you looking for?  (when/where
exactly is the expo, pardon my ignorance on this one .. )

If wanted, we may be able to help out .. we have a few dell poweredge 6300's
(Xeon based.. 2x and 4x) all running debian .. as well as optiplex
workstations (X on the workstations, not servers tho).. We have a few
poweredge's currently sitting still in their boxes, and a bunch of opti's...
No promises (because of time permitting), but we may be able to help out
with at least one server or one or two optiplex's.. if wanted..  (Get
intouch with me outside of the list if you want to talk more about it..)


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> Subject: Linux World Expo in NY
> Debian needs volunteers and equipment for the Linux World Expo both in New
> York City.  Setup will begin January 31st so we need to have our
> ducks in a
> row in the next couple of weeks.
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