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Timeline for potato

Here is a summary of the plan for releasing potato.  The dates after the
actual freeze are still "soft".  Please speak up if you have problems
with them.

January 2       "No new packages" freeze

January 8-9     Grand Bug Bash Festival

January 15-16   Potato freezes.  Woody is created.  Packages with
                release-critical bugs will be removed from potato
                (and left in woody).

(up to a week)  Potato gets cleaned up somewhat.  The remaining
                release-critical bugs are dealt with, and the effect
                of removing so many packages is evaluated.

(around Jan 22) Start of the first test cycle.  This is the last
                chance for removed packages to get back into potato.

A "Test Cycle" consists of these phases, in order:

  2-3 days      Preparation

                Base disks and CD images are prepared.  No changes are
                made to the archive except the ones that are necessary
                for this.

  10-14 days    Testing

                The distribution is tested.  Fixes are prepared for
                bugs that are found, but no changes at all are made
                to potato during this phase.

                The Testing phase may be cut short by the release manager
                if something is so badly wrong that testing is useless
                until changes are made.

  2-3 days      Evaluation

                The state of potato is evaluated, particularly the bugs
                that were found during the Testing phase.  If the current
                state of the distribution is acceptable, then potato is
                released AS IS, and the Test Cycles end.

                Otherwise, available fixes are installed, and extra time
                will be allocated to fix the remaining bugs, if necessary.
                Then a new Test Cycle starts.

I hope that two Test Cycles will be enough; that will put the release near
the end of February.


Richard Braakman

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