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Debian-List HOWTO

Debian-List HOWTO                                      listmaster@debian.org
November 8, 1999                                              Martin Schulze

Debian-List HOWTO

  The scope of this document is to help people establish a mailing
  list at lists.debian.org.  The intention of this document is to
  decrease the workload for the listmasters and to decrease annoying
  discussions and superflous requests for stuff that is still missing.

  New lists will only be created if a (wishlist) bug report against
  lists.debian.org exists and the required information is provided in
  the bug report.

  The following information is required if you want to establish a
  new list:

   1. Name

      Which list do you want to be created?  Please note that every
      list is prefixed by a unique string:

      Debian                            debian-
      Software in the Public Interest   spi-
      Berlin                            berlin-
      Linux Documentation Project       ldp-
      Linux Standard Base               lsb-

      The listmasters will add this string if required.

      Please keep the name descriptive, short and unique.  Subnames
      are divided by a dash `-'.

      If the name is not proper the listmasters will reject the

   2. Rationale

      Why do you want this list be created, why is it important or
      similar.  Vanity lists (like debian-jokes etc.) will not be
      created.  Do not waste your (and our) time.

      We will reserve the right to ask for consensus on debian-devel
      and / or debian-project first.  To speed it up you should do
      this for questionable lists.

   3. Long description

      For http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe

      This description is meant for people who are looking for the
      proper list to join.  The description refers to the part of
      Debian that will be covered.  It contains the purposes of the

   4. Category

      This is needed to classify the list and to properly sort it on
      http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe .

      One of:
	. Users
	. Developers
	. Internationalization and Translations
	. Ports
	. LSB
	. Other

   5. Subscription Policy

      open / closed

      If closed, who may get subscribed, who can act as listmaster?

   6. Post Policy

      open / moderated

      If moderated, who are the moderators?

   7. Web-Archive

      yes / no

   8. Short description

      Only required if 6. is "yes". For http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/

Hanno Wager                   Alexander Koch                  Martin Schulze

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