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Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

> I was too hasty when declaring this freeze.  Adam di Carlo assured me that
> the boot-floppies are just not ready yet, and won't be for a number of
> weeks even if they get help.  Also, the count of release-critical bugs
> is going back up as fast as it came down.  (I think that many of them
> are not really release-critical, but there are so many that just
> evaluating them takes a significant amount of time.)

One of the best ways of getting the release-critical bugs under
control is to freeze potato.  As long as we can upload packages, we
will upload bugs.  If we freeze now, we can reduce the number of bugs
to a reasonable level over the next few weeks.  By the time
boot-floppies are ready the bug count will be at a manageable level,
and potato will be ready for release.

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