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Policy uploaded

I have just uploaded debian-policy and packaging-manual version to master, so the main packages should be installed in the
next dinstall run.  This version of policy takes account of the Tech
Committee decision on the FHS and a large number of other outstanding
issues.  A few are still to be incorporated into the next version of
policy, but here we are....

Below you will find the relevant portions of the upgrading checklist
for policy versions through to  This will affect
almost all packages, so please do have a look at the list.



  Julian Gilbey, Dept of Maths, QMW, Univ. of London. J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk
        Debian GNU/Linux Developer,  see http://www.debian.org/~jdg                    Oct 99

  Policy Manual:
     - /usr/doc/<package> has to be a symlink pointing to
       /usr/share/doc/<package>.  This symlink has to be
       maintained by postinst and prerm, because dpkg will cause
       problems otherwise.  Create/remote the symlinks using debhelper
       or see section "6.4. Accessing the documentation" for more
     - Introduced source dependencies.  (Whereas this ought to demand a
       major policy number rise, we've only just had one of them, so
       I'm going to use a minor number instead.)
     - /etc/rc.boot has been deprecated in favour of /etc/rcS.d.
       Packages should not be touching this directory, anyway, but
       should use update-rc.d instead.
     - update-rc.d is now the *only* allowable way of accessing the
       /etc/rc?.d/[SK]??* links.  Any scripts which manipulate them
       directly must be changed to use update-rc.d instead.  (This is
       because the file-rc package handles this information in an
       incompatible way.)
     - Compiled examples go in /usr/lib/<package>/examples with
       symlinks from /usr/share/doc/<package>/examples/* or from
       /usr/share/doc/<package>/examples itself.
     - Updated FHS to a 2.1 draft; this reverts /var/state to
     - Added MIME sub-policy document.
     - VISUAL is allowed as a (higher priority) alternative to EDITOR.
     - Modified liblockfile description, which affects
       mailbox-accessing programs.  Please see the policy document for
     - If a package provides a changelog in HTML format, a text-only
       version should also be included.  Such a version may be prepared
       using lynx -dump -nolist.)

  Packaging Manual:
     - Description of how to handle version numbers based on dates
       added: see section 5.1.                    Jul 99

  Policy Manual:
    -  Added the clarification that the .la files are essential for the
       packages using libtool's libltdl library, in which case the
       .la files must go in the run-time library package.                    Jun 99

  Policy Manual:
    - Debian formally moves from the FSSTND to the FHS. This is a
      major change, and the implications of this move are probably
      not all known.
    - Only 3 digits of the Standards version need be included in
      control files, though all four digits are still permitted. 
    - The location of the GPL has changed to
      /usr/share/common-licenses. This may require changing the
      copyright files to point to the correct location of the GPL and
      other major licences
    - Packages that use libtool to create shared libraries must
      include the .la files in the -dev packages.
    - Use logrotate to rotate log files
    - section 5.8 has been rewritten (Programs for the X Window
    - There is now anassi=ociated menu policy, in a separate document,
      that carries the full weight of Debian policy. 
    - The files `/var/run/utmp', `/var/log/wtmp' and
      `/var/log/lastlog' must be installed writeable by group
      utmp. Programs who need to modify those files must be installed
      install setgid utmp.

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