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New Debian Quality Assurance !

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I'm proud to announce you the birth of the new Debian QA website :

This web site will list tasks that everybody can do to improve Debian.
It has been designed so that your work will never be lost since
the QA committee will take care that your job will be integrated in
a way or another. Everything you need to know is described on the web

If you wanted to help Debian but you didn't know how, help the 
Debian QA effort !

New task can only be created by a member of the QA committee (myself,
Tortsten Landschoff and Christian Kurz). If you want to suggest some
tasks (related to one of your package for example), feel free to send
them to us.

We will feed the task list from now on. The only thing you have to
do is to subscribe to debian-qa and to visit regulary the web site to
select a task to do. :-)

If you have any question, feel free to ask.

Raphaël Hertzog -=- http://tux.u-strasbg.fr/~raphael/
<pub> CDs Debian : http://tux.u-strasbg.fr/~raphael/debian/#cd </pub>

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