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Debian booth at the Linux Kongress


I would like to announce, that Debian will have a booth at the Linux
Kongress. The Kongress will take place from 8th to 10th September in
Ausgburg. The Programm can be found at
http://www.linux-kongress.de/program.html. The coordination for the
booth takes place in the list debian-events-de@infodrom.north.de [1]
We'll get  a free both and free entry for four people which look after
the booth itself. All other participant of the Debian project will get a
10% discount on the price they have to pay at a time. But you need to
registrate yourself early online and set a remark to this information.
Also I need to registrate your name on a list which I will send the
organizator, so that they know who is a participant of the project. As
this has to be done early, I would like to set a period till 18. August
to registrate yourself. More information about sleeping places during
the Kongress will get postet to debian-events-de as soon as possible.


[1] Subscription: Send a mail to majordomo@infodrom.north.de with
"subscribe debian-events-de" in the body.
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