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`backup-cvs-work': Backup changed files in CVS checkouts from cron.

 I've done a little improving on the `backup-cvs-work' script I
 wrote.  The new copy is in:


 There are some example files to go along with it.

 `backup-cvs-work' will take a list of checkout directories, and then
 look in those for files that are either not under CVS control or that
 have been modified according to `cvs -f -n update -R'.  It makes a
 list of what it finds, and creates a backup archive of just those

 I use this for my `sparse' backup system...  I back up the repository
 itself, then just the changed files from the working checkouts.  It
 also works for backing up what you've locally modified from a remote
 anon cvs checkout.

 Since the archives are name extended with the full path to the work
 directory, and with the directory owner's login, the archive
 filenames are both unique and easy to see whos stuff is in them and
 from where.

 I hope this saves a lot of backup tape.

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