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[NEW LIST] debian-release@lists.debian.org -- release mgmt

For the purposes of Release Management, a new list has been created:


This list has the following charter, at least in my rough paraphrase:

   The debian-release mailing list is an *action* list. It is meant to
   facilitate coordination between all of the parties involved in the
   release process.   By "release", we mean either point-releases to
   the stable distribution, or the process of freezing the unstable

   We hope that by involving all interested parties and giving them a
   clear channel of communication, releases can happen more frequently
   and more smoothly.  Interested parties include:

     * security team                   * QA team
     * boot-floppies team              * debian CD team
     * porters                         * archive manager
     * testing team

   If you feel you can represent one of these teams, please join the
   debian-release list.

   Remember that this is not a general discussion list about any of
   the above groups -- most of them already have their own lists.  We
   want this list to fulfill its charter as an action and coordination
   list.  Please don't make us consider closing the subscription

Very soon now, I am told, an official stable release manager will be
announced (no, it's not me).

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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