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[VOTE] The second logo vote

Now that the first logo-vote on the number of logos and licenses has
been finished it is time to move on and select what our logos will

Please note that the winner of the vote does not automatically become
the official logo: it might need some work to make it fit all the
logo-criteria and converted to a scaleable format). Once that is done
I'll announce the official logo to everyone.

About the GIMP contest: even if the winner was not a submission of the
GIMP contest we still need to appoint a winner. This will be the
entry that gets the most points (for lack of a better description) in the

Also please note that it is possible to add new logos to this vote (and
I fully expect people to do so); please see the constitution on the procedure
for submitting ammendments.

Okay, here are the options (also see the webpage at

* jeanette (ants)
Concept: Debian is a lot of people working together to produce some
  great things, just like ants.
Pros: strong imagery, official and liberal logo with the same theme
  but still different.
Cons: official and liberal logo might be too different

* raul (swirl)
Concept: magic being release from a genie bottle.
Pros: simple, good associations, already in a good format (EPS)
Cons: none :)

* villate
Concept: seal balancing the world
Note: should be modified to be an outline
Pros: playful, cute
Cons: needs some hard work to modify it to an outline

* captain blue-eye (the current logo)
Concept: modified version of Tux (the Linux penguin)
Pros: people already know it
Cons: too Linux-specific


I hereby propose to choose the new logo by General Resolution.

The ballot will contain these options:

1) jeanette (ants)
2) raul (swirl / genie)
3) villate
4) captain blue-eye (the current logo)
5) further discussion

There are 509 registered voters.  That makes Q 22.56 and the quorum
68 votes.  

We will use the normal two week discussion period followed by a
two week voting period.

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