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Status update: the logo votes

It seems the logo is becoming a never-ending mess once again. I can't
say I am surprised since a logo is something that we should be able to
identify with, and clearly we are a wildly heterogeneous group of

Okay, here is my current plan: first we hold the vote for the number
of logos and their license. While that vote lasts people are free
to submit new logos for the next vote. Once again the logo team will
select a new group, probably consisting of the current selection with
a few changes (the modifed D is out for example, I have to say I
personally completely missed the fact that the red part forms a L :( ),
and once that is presented all developers can add options to the vote
via an ammendment to the vote.

I also want to introduce two ammendments to the first vote. Firstly
to slightly change the license in the case of a single logo to:

    Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
    this logo or a modified version may be used by anyone to refer
    to the Debian project, but does not indicate endoresement by the

(which means removing the right to revoke the license so it becomes a
free license like I originally intended).

And for the second license add an explicit or between I.a and I.b and a
slight rewording. The new text will then become:

    Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
     I. This logo may only be used if:
       a) the product it is used for is made using a documented procedure
          as published on www.debian.org (for example official CD-creation), or
       b) official approval is given by Debian for its use in this purpose

     II. may be used if an official part of debian (decided using the rules
         in I) is part of the complete product, if it is made clear that only
         this part is officialy approved

     III. We reserve the right to revoke a license for a product

Since I was also the proposer for the motion and the changes do not
really alter the (intended) meaning of the text the discussion period
does not need to be restarted. So if noone objects within 24 hours I'ld
like to sent out a call for votes.

I sincerly hope that everyone can agree with this approach and stop
complaining all the time.


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