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Re: the logo: logo selections now available!

> On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Adam Heath wrote:
> <sucks a few times>
> Thanks for that enlightening, reasoned comment. As a member of the logo
> team I'm glad to see that you appreciate the amount of effort that has
> gone into selecting those logos. What are you looking for in a logo
> exactly?

I think Bruce Perens gave a good definition earlier...

  1) easily reproduceable
  2) instantly recognisable
  3) iconic (i.e., not language dependent)

I don't know if Adam Heath agrees with that definition...

My opinion?  I liked one of the logos that Adam said sucks.  It worked 
well, and matched the criteria given above.  My favorite was one of the 
ones in the Gimp contest not selected by the committee.

My question:

  Why are we discussing this on debian-devel-ANNOUNCE?

> Matthew

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