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Re: the logo: logo selections now available!

On Apr 07, Wichert Akkerman - Debian project leader decided to present us with:
> * raul (swirl)
> Concept: magic being release from a genie bottle.
> Pros: simple, good associations, already in a good format (EPS)
> Cons: none :)

If we choose to have a single logo, then perhaps this becomes
two candidates - just the swirl and just the bottle. I like the
bottle a lot more (wow, I disagree with knghtbrd!), but not the
bottle with the swirl... perhaps three candidates? :-)

> I hereby propose to choose the new logo by General Resolution.

Oh no, I strongly object. We shouldn't vote for the logo until
we have the results of the (single logo)/(dual logo) vote.
Otherwise, we may vote for something we don't intend to.

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