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GNOME 1.0 call to arms

Dear fellow developers,

I have now compiled the central packages of gnome-1.0.  The upload, just
now, of 'gnome-core' marked the end of the first stage.  I'd like to thank
everyone who helped out, especially by providing CPU cycles for me to
compile on, and Jim Pick for writing the packaging scripts which have held
up flawlessly in the new release.

I'd now like all developers who maintain packages which depend on gnome or
imlib (if's it really just gtk, then that's not a problem) to point their
apts at the following apt site, and recompile with the new libs.

deb http://www.debian.org/~jules/gnome-stage-2 unstable main

The tree there is currently i386 dominated, but we have a powerpc porter
and a sparc porter compiling as I speak.

When your packages are you compiled *do* *not* upload them to potato, but
upload them to va somewhere.  If you wish to install them yourself in the
above tree, then simply 

cd ~jules/gnome-stage-2
./jinstall /path/to/my/packages/*.*

Please make full source uploads if you're the maintainer, or binary-only
if you're porting.  In any case, include the changes file (jinstall keeps
the changes file in a special directory).

Do not upload glibc2.1 compiled packages here!  They won't work for slink

If you don't have time, or have already commited to glibc2.1, please post
to debian-gtk-gnome@lists.debian.org, asking for someone to NMU your

All discussion of the staging area should be on

My thanks for your attention,

Jules Bean

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