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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before releasing Slink

Brian White wrote:
> The following bug reports *must* be fixed before the current frozen Debian
> distribution can progress further in its development cycle.  Reminders have
> been sent to the maintainers of these packages but some of the packages with
> older bugs could probably use some assistance.
> Package Name      Bug #  Bug Description [days old] (maintainer)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> automake          32404  automake upgrade is not backwards compatible [0]  (Kevin Dalley <kevind@rahul.net>)

I wonder why this bug isn't mentioned in Wicherts list.

> bigloo            32927  bigloo should depend on a compiler and libc6-dev [13]  (Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de>)

I wonder why this bug isn't mentioned in Wicherts list.

> boot-floppies     33276  FW: Boot disks 2.1.7 has &quot;broken&quot; dpkg_slinkcd ;( [0]  (Enrique Zanardi <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>)
> boot-floppies     33428  gpm: freopen(stderr) failed [0]  (Enrique Zanardi <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>)
> defrag            32731  defrag: e2dump quits with check_block_location:6678674146834 [16]  (Adam Heath <adam.heath@usa.net>)

I thought that the bug submitter and the package maintainer have
agreed to remove this package from slink and potato and place it
into experimental.

> dpkg              21182  dpkg: dpkg can go into an infinite loop with --force-configure-any [309]  (Ian Jackson and others <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
> dpkg              28519  dpkg: dpkg creates circular symlinks [115]  (Ian Jackson and others <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
> dpkg              28817  dpkg takes no care over libdpkg [108]  (Ian Jackson and others <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
> dpkg              30090  weirdass dpkg coredumps and xbase upgrade insanity [83]  (Ian Jackson and others <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
> dpkg              33046  dpkg: severe breakage after removal of xbase [11]  (Ian Jackson and others <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)

If we consider these bugs *release* critical we won't be able to
release slink soon.

Bug#28519 was triggered by a broken xbase or other xfree86 package which
          is fixed now.  It's unlikely to happen again.

Bug#28817 is broken design / broken nmu but doesn't hurt.  I understand
          that the author of this package considers this bug as important
          but it is not release critical.  Please exclude it from this
          list - the same applies to Wichert.

Bug#30090 looks... ummh difficult to fix.  After reading the report I'm not
          sure if it's likely to happen again when upgrading hamm -> slink.
          It didn't happen to my upgradings but that doesn't have to mean

Bug#21182 is not happening when using default methods.  If you use any of the
          "special" switches --force-* you have to be aware that strange things
          may happen.  I agree that this bug is important though, but I don't
          consider it release critical.  Using --force-configure-any is done
          on your own responsibility. Please exclude it from this list - the
          applies to Wichert.



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