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[VOTING] Error and appology

Well, it looks like the second vote under the constitution gets munged.  

First off, I wish to publicly apologize to Wichert Akkerman for spelling
his name wrong.  I was so careful to get the 't' and not the 'd' at the
end of his name, too.  I am going to change his name and resend the ballot.
If anyone has already voted, you will NOT need to vote again.  If, however,
you have not voted, be sure to use the *new* ballot because the old ballots
will be rejected.

Secondly, *something* happened and the original reply-to was lost.  The 
ballot should have had Reply-To: leader99@vote.debian.org but instead,
the header line read Reply-to: debian-vote@lists.debian.org.  I'm not
sure what happened.  Listmaster confirmed that the list is not set to
change/add reply-to's and I sent the email through 'cat'. 

The only consolation I can give myself is this is ONLY the second vote
the system's been used for.  There are always bugs that won't show up
until the software goes live.

I'm sorry for the confusing

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