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ToDo List for the Boot Floppies Package

ToDo List for the Boot Floppies Package

I guess you all know that new slink boot floppies have been uploaded
today bu the leader of the boot floppies team, Enrique Zanardi.
Please test them and write appropriate bug reports if you discover
problems with them.

I've talked to Enrique about things that still need to be done with
the boot-floppies package.  This is the compiled list.  I'm sure there
are still tasks missing.  If you want to add things to the list please
drop me a line, I might post another list to debian-devel-announce
again, depending on the progress made.

  . Try to trim the rescue floppy so that it fits on a 1.44 MB disk

  . Modify on boxes.c so that the dialog boxes resize themselves.  As
    the messages have different lenghts for the different
    translations, this is a must-have for the translated
    floppies. Also take care of the current screen size (start linux
    with vga=ask and use 132x44 for example).

  . Implement an "install on a loop filesystem" option.  The major
    work should be fulfilled by Jens 'grimaldi' Ritter.

  . Read more data from the boot prompt (keyboard language, source
    medium, network config, ... eventually everything may be provided
    from the boot prompt. That makes an unattended installation
    trivial, one just write the proper syslinux.cfg file and there it

  . Implement an "install base system from a HTTP server" option".

  . Go through the huge list of bugs, closing/reassigning the "already
    fixed"/"not in boot-floppies but on syslinux or kernel" bugs.

  . The user should only be queried once for the cd-rom path if the
    path that was provided at the first place matches the need at the
    second place, too.  Is the /dev/cdrom link created now?

  . Provide a debug program for each and every dialog box - can also
    be used to provide screen shots of the installation.  This
    includes some fiddling with internal settings. (long term todo)

  . Provide easy targets for boot floppies in non-english languages.
    Currently 'es' is ready, 'de' is on the way.[1]

  . Include dpkg-multicd in the base system.  (theoretically solved)

  . Maybe make multi_cdrom the default access method for dselect.  How
    does one achieve this?

If you have some spare time I would appreciate if Enrique could be
provided some appropriate patches when he is back on Nov 9th.

[1] If you want to translate the system into another language you
    should get in touch with err... Hartmut Koptein (hee hee) or me.
    I would prefer Harmut while I'm sure that he would prefer to
    contact me... You chose.



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