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IRC Forum

The time of the forum has been moved up by two (2) hours to accommodate more 
people across the various time zones!!

An open IRC Forum has been planned to present an opportunity to discuss 
unification of software packaging/management and installation systems.  In 
view of recent discussions on the 'net and at the Expo, this will provide a 
good way to keep the information flow going and give everyone a chance to 
see what is being discussed with regards to this issue.

Date:    June 04, 1998 0300GMT
Server:  irc.openprojects.net 
Channel: #forum

If my calculations are correct, that's:
June 03, 21:00 US East coast (EDT)
June 03, 20:00 US Central (CDT)
June 03, 19:00 US Mountain (MDT)
June 03, 18:00 US West coast (PDT)
June 04, 04:00 British Summer Time (BST)
June 04, 05:00 Western Europe (WET) (for those people at the Kongress :)

People that may be attending include the following:
Alan Cox (Anarchy) (Linux Community)
Jason Gunthorpe (Culus) (Debian)
Johnnie Ingram (netgod) (Debian)
Eric Nielsen (Install Manager, Sun)
Bruce Perens (SPI)
Eric Troan (RedHat)
Ean Schuessler (unclean) (Debian)

'...we hope you will enjoy the show!'


Nils Lohner				E-Mail: lohner@debian.org
Debian GNU/Linux Press Contact          Press:  press@debian.org

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