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Policy has been released


Updated versions of the Debian policy documents have just been released.
The new packages have been uploaded to master and will be installed in the
archive soon. In the meantime, the new versions can be downloaded from the
Debian Policy home page at


Note, that the new policy _is_ relevant for `hamm'! 

General changes:

  * The Packaging Manual has been split off the dpkg package and is now
    distributed in the newly created packaging-manual package. 

  * The three policy documents (Policy Manual, Packaging Manual,
    Developer's Reference) use the same versioning scheme now: all three
    documents use a 4-digit version number (like `'), where the
    first three digits represent the current `Standards-Version' and the
    last digit is the patch-level. While the patch-level may differ
    between the three manuals, all manuals use the same Standards-Version.

    Packages only need to specify these first three digits in the
    `Standards-Version' field of the source packages, e.g.,

        Standards-Version: 2.4.1

Policy changes:

  * ldconfig must be called in the postinst script if the package
    installs shared libraries (please check out the Packaging Manual
    for details/exceptions)

  * Symbolic link policy has been refined: 
      symlinks within a toplevel directory should be relative,
      symlinks between different toplevel directories should be absolute

  * Manual pages for games:
      manual pages for games (X and non-X games) should go into

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