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Constitution proposed for Debian

In my project leadership manifesto I promised to instute a more formal
decisionmaking procedure for the Project.

On debian-devel we have been discussing my drafts for the project's
constitution, which have evolved somewhat through that discussion.

This discussion has now reached the point where we should begin the
formal procedure for adopting the draft as the organisation's

I've therefore made such a formal proposal in debian-devel, which will
now be discussed and eventually voted on.  See the thread
`Constitution - formal proposal'.  If you do not participate in this
process now it will be difficult to change things later.

The proposed constitution itself is on the www at
(the former will be updated as changes are made).

This does not cover things like the DFSG, project goals, and Social
Contract.  These will be handled separately - the constitution is just
the framework for decisionmaking.

Please, before discussing the draft constitution, read it !
If everyone posts saying `does it do XYZ' without reading it
first it will be hard to have a sensible discussion.


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